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25 Wicker Lamps To Bring A Beachy Feel Indoors

It’s summer and most of our thoughts are striving to beaches and coastal homes, holidays and sunshine. Those lucky guys who have outdoor spaces spend time their enjoying nice weather and those of us who don’t have anything like that stay inside but we can still create a mood indoors, too. Adding relaxing and outdoor-inspired touches will make your interiors more summer-like and will help you feel less stressed even in a big city. Tropical print wallpaper, rattan furniture and wicker lampshades are the easiest ways to add an outdoor feel indoors, and as we’ve already shared some ideas on the first two points, it’s time to take a look at the third, let’s do that!

8 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Groceries Last Longer

It's happened to all of us: you know you have some food in the fridge, so you go to the kitchen, open the door, and find that everything you thought you had left isn't looking too appetizing. So much for that. But fear not: With these 8 easy tips and tricks, you'll find keeping your groceries fresh is even easier than throwing the gross stuff out – and it will feel a whole lot better too!

1. Root Vegetables

Carrots, potatoes, and other root vegetables quickly become soft in the fridge or spoil completely. Though it sounds crazy, this can easily be prevented by storing the vegetables in a sandbox instead of the fridge! Covering root vegetables with sand preserves them and keeps them fresh longer.

25 Coolest Stress-Free Kitchen Updates

Kitchens are perhaps the most functional spaces in our homes: here we cook, eat, talk, sometimes work and much more and we usually love our kitchens! If you feel that your kitchen needs a revamp but you aren’t ready to a lot of fuss this wish may cause, we offer some stress-free and easy updates for your space.

Paint Your Cabinets

Painting cabinetry will immediately give your kitchen a brand-new look and will bring it to life. Use bold, vibrant hues from a modern touch that has a hint of new or go dark for that edge that screams vintage chic – it’s totally up to you and you should enjoy this new look.

9 Tips To Make Everyday Life Easier With A Drill

The first portable handheld drill was created in Germany in 1895, and then the first trigger-switch, pistol-grip portable drill was patented by Black & Decker in 1917. This kicked off the modern drill era, although at that time, it was believed that such a drill was only suitable — not to mention useful — for manual labor. But as these 9 clever life hacks will show you, that's far from the truth!

11 Brilliant Life Hacks For Everyday Problems

It's the small things in life that make us happy. At the same time, it's the small things in life that can frustrate us to no end, and our everyday life is littered with opportunities to turn a good day sour. In order to stop these kind of situations right in their track, we've come up with 11 simple life hacks with big results. These genius tips will tackle little annoyances and everyday problems head-on so you never again have to succumb to the frustration of shoes that are way too tight, losing your USB stick, and so much mo

1. Tight Shoes

Tight shoes? No problem! Just put on a thick pair of socks, squeeze into your shoes, and at the same time use a blow dryer to warm up the sides of the shoes. You'll see how the material of the shoe stretches very quickly due to the heat. Now your shoes will fit like a glove.

25 Trendy Ways To Bring A Summer Feel To Your Home

Summer is coming and your home doesn’t feel like that at all? Then it’s high time to choose a trend or several ones to bring to your interiors and refresh it for the season. All these trends are current decor trends for contemporary homes and they instantly bring a summer feel to your space, so you’ll get a refreshed summer interior.

Wicker Touches

Wicker and rattan touches and elements always bring a relaxed outdoor touch to inner spaces as these materials are usually used for outdoor spaces. These can be wicker stools in your kitchen, a wicker sideboard for storage in any room, an arrangement of wicker lampshades, a wicker armchair or a rattan side table – anything that you like and that fits your interior. Don’t put too much of such furniture, just a couple of items will be fine.

6 Creative Ways To Reuse Food Scraps

We're all guilty of letting food go bad and then just end up tossing the scraps in the trash, but there are some really creative and awesome ways to repurpose those food scraps. For instance, did you know that you can use avocado peels to dye clothes? Or that old bacon grease can be transformed into a delicious scented candle? This is what reducing waste and recycling is all about! Now hop to it – you're not going to want to miss these life hacks!

1. DIY Decoration From Pistachio Shells

39 IKEA FÖRHÖJA Cart Ideas For Every Home

IKEA has lots of gorgeous furniture pieces that we all love to buy and hack. An IKEA FÖRHÖJA cart gives you extra storage, utility and work space. You can quickly view and access what’s inside because the drawers can be pulled out from both sides. Its cutlery trays fit on the shelves. One of the sides is placed on wheels, the other isn’t, and it makes the cart mobile yet stable. How to hack it to make it more personalized? There are lots of ways to go: you can paint it with any paint or even chalkboard, you can attach some contact paper, for example, trendy marble, you can change the drawers or insert some baskets underneath. Change the countertop for a wooden or butcher block one or even go for stone.

Grow An Adorable Pine Tree From A Cone In 5 Easy Steps

Planting pine trees can provides shade, windbreaks and screening in the environment.They can also offer us some less obvious benefits such as the soothing sounds of wind through the pine branches and aromatic fragrances from leaves and sap.  I personally love pine trees because they remind me of Christmas time. There are about 114 species of pines, native mostly to the Northern Hemisphere. They do grow throughout the world though mainly as ornamentals.