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How to clean your entire house in 45 minutes

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When it comes to cleaning, the key to success is to have a well-established plan, move quickly, and never come back for the second time in the already cleaned room. In this way, you will be able to work efficiently and quickly have a clean and shiny home.Not more than 10 minutes for a room. Think about it and you will see how fast you will clean up the whole house!

Living room: 10 minutes

– 2 minutes: gather in a basket all the things that are not in their place
– 1 minute: wipe dust using clockwise movements
– 4 minutes: clean the flooring with a microfibre cloth
– 3 minutes: wipe the windows using a special solution

Bathroom: 10 minutes

– 2 minutes: throw the things that are in plus throw the garbage bag
– 3 minutes: clean the toilet bowl
– 1 minute: wipe the mirror with a microfibre cloth
– 4 minutes: wash the sink and shower

Bedroom: 10 minutes

– 2 minutes: remove the bed sheets and put them in the laundry basket
– 2 minutes: put clean sheets
– 2 minutes: wipe the floor with a cloth
– 2 minutes: wash the windows
– 2 minutes: gather the things placed on the bedside and place them in the drawers

Kitchen: 10 minutes

– 2 minutes: place all the things in the drawers
– 2 minutes: clean the sink
– 3 minutes: vacuum the floor
– 2 minutes: place the dishes in their place
– 1 minute: throw the garbage

Lobby: 5 minutes

– 2 minutes: remove from the hanger all clothes you don’t wear
– 2 minutes: vacuum  the floor
– 1 minute: wipe the floor with a cloth or mop.

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