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10 things you can do with the water you use to boil pasta

Regardless of whether it's spaghetti, penne, rigatoni or tagliatelle, everyone loves pasta! And no wonder: it's been proven that pasta not only satisfies you, but it makes you happy too. In addition, you don't need a degree in rocket science to cook it. Here are a few examples to spice up your pasta cuisine. The important thing is that you cook the pasta al dente, in salted water. Anyone cutting corners will end up with indefinable mush on the plate. But what can you do with the water left over after cooking? Just pouring it away really is a bit of a waste. So, here are a few clever ideas:

1. For watering the flowers

You plants will appreciate it: pasta water is perfect for watering due to its mineral content. Best poured when only lukewarm.

Shrink Charms Made From Plastic Packaging For A DIY Childhood Hit

Some people might remember shrinky dinks from their childhood — tiny pieces of toy jewelry made from shrinking plastic. What fun it was to put the plastic in the oven and watch intently as it curled slightly and then began shrinking until it ended up as a tiny charm. Take a trip down memory lane and relive this excitement all over again! This fun shrinking effect works great on plastic packaging.

You'll Need:
clean transparent plastic packaging, e.g. takeout boxes
hole puncher
colored permanent markers

Here's How:

1. Before working with the plastic packaging you should clean it thoroughly. Then you can cut out a large, flat piece, e.g. the bottom of the takeout box.

How to clean your entire house in 45 minutes

When it comes to cleaning, the key to success is to have a well-established plan, move quickly, and never come back for the second time in the already cleaned room. In this way, you will be able to work efficiently and quickly have a clean and shiny home.Not more than 10 minutes for a room. Think about it and you will see how fast you will clean up the whole house!

10 Bonuses You Can Get When You Use an Air Purifier

The United States EPA warns of the effects indoor pollution has on our health, from short term issues like dizziness to long term disease development. Because of habits such as smoking along with car exhaust fume particles and allergens, the air we breathe in our homes can negatively impact our health. Air purifiers work by drawing old and polluted air through a filter to purify it and remove toxins. By installing an air purifier, you can actually reduce toxin buildup by circulating clean air.

1. They clean the air of households containing smokers or open fire.

7 Amazing Home Office Ideas

A good home office will make you feel comfortable and boost your creativity. Many home office ideas in recent years focus on both function and aesthetic. It creates great combination for modern professionals who work from anywhere, including home.From artsy and colorful to business like and straightforward, here are seven great ideas to create an inspiring home office. Have limited space? Small home office ideas help expanding your possibilities. There are several ways you can get creative with small space, such as:

Opening the center area

Dragging sofa or bench to the wall and desk to window will open the center area. It makes your office look big and airy.