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23 Easter Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Easter is also the perfect time to make crafts with your kids. Most schools will have a day off so you can celebrate. If not, Easter always falls on a weekend! This is why do-it-yourself Easter crafts and decorations are becoming more popular. If you don’t have any crafts in mind, don’t worry, we have you covered! Below are 23 great crafts here that will bring some Easter spirit to you and your family. Many of these crafts also require very little materials, and whatever you don’t have can be purchased at the local craft store.


How to Dye and Decorate Easter Eggs Naturally

If you understand how important it is to be eco-friendly and live green, you will sure like the idea for an eco-friendly Easter. You’ll see that even without a store-bought kit and artificial colors you can actually have beautiful dyed and decorated Easter eggs. Learn which household ingredients you can use to decorate Easter eggs naturally.

How to 'Dye" Easter Eggs With Silk Ties

There are just so many fun ways to dye and decorate Easter Eggs! When I grew up, it was either the little dye tablets or natural dyeing with onion skins. That’s all we ever did. Well, now the sky’s the limit. You can paint them, decoupage, wrap and crackle them. Turns out you can also print on them with silk ties.

How to Mend Jean Holes in 10 Cutest Ways

If you have kids, then you know that they will inevitably get tears in their clothes when they play.  Why not make those clothes cute again with some mending techniques that involve minimal items? Mending a hole in your pants doesn’t have to be ugly! There are so many fun ideas out there to patch a hole. Here are some properly mended pants as well as some super silly mending. From patches to pom poms, you can sew just about anything in, over or behind a tear to make it look fun and playful. Use this as a way to incorporate your child’s personality into their clothes. Ask them what they might like, and do the job together. Not only is this a way to recycle clothes, but it is a way to spend time together instead of being at a shopping mall.

19 Spectacular DIY Easter Wreath Ideas That You Can Make

Spring is here and with Easter around the corner, it is time to start with the preparations. Nothing looks better than a wreath on your front door. It is so warm and welcoming, and would definitely put a smile on anyone’s face.  Store-bought ones can be pretty pricey, but that should not stop you from owning one. Instead, go for the DIY version. You will have fun, and save some money as well. What can be better than that? There are so many simple and easy to make designs that look so spectacular.

1. The easiest and cheapest way to make a DIY Easter wreath is to start with a grapevine wreath.  These ones are affordable and will look beautiful. For an interesting look, you can cover it with moss using a hot glue gun. A large pastel bow on the top will be the perfect finish.