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8 DIY Ideas To Reuse Your Old Computer

This post will prove you that you can make your computer that stop working yesterday, useful for a longer period of time. When a computer stop working, people are used to switch to a new one. That’s mean that there are million old computers that are considered as garbage. Wait… there are some creative minds that gave new dimensions to these useless and old boxes. Let’s check them out and see what we can create of our old computer.

Hamster cage 

Your new hamster doesn’t have a cage yet? You don’t have to waste money on a new one, when you can turn your old computer into a beautiful and spacious cage. The idea is brilliant and very quick and easy to make.

How to Transfer Photo Onto Candles

It’s such a fabulous way to transfer your memorable moment onto candles to make your own custom piece of decoration. You can transfer a photo or anything that you can print from a printer, onto tissue paper and then melt/transfer it to a candle. It’s easy to do and it turns out great! Made some amazing personalized candles with just simple steps you can transfer anything you like on to a candle. This acts as a perfect gift and also you can stand a chance to win these candles made by me and her. I included a video tutorial to guide you through so you can have fun with kids together. These will be great gifts for Father’s day, Mother’s Day and any holiday lighting.

How to DIY Festive Santa Boots Out of Plastic Bottle

It is always a great feeling when we are making the preparation for Christmas, especially if you can recycle something from trash into treasure to make something unique for the whole family. What an amazing idea to recycle plastic bottle into this festive decorative Santa boots! Make them as Christmas decorations or Change the fabric to make them as everyday desk organizer.

How to Make Halloween Concrete Mummies

It's no secret that we like to work with concrete! It's such a forgiving, creative material. I was doing a little concrete project Pinterest research and came across a concrete garden orb. I really liked the look, but I thought the idea could be adapted to make a creepy mummy decoration for Halloween. Also, I had a huge supply of soft, cotton cording/piping from a yard sale that I thought would be the perfect material to use.

20 Creative DIY Repurposed Globe Ideas

If you have old globe that is no more useful or you are just bored with the one you have, start with the creative process. There are awesome ideas that you can do it yourself and make something new for your home. You can make lamp shades from globe, just cut it in half and there you go. Make lamp shades for hanging lamp or for lamp table. It will look so chic and fun. Also you can make globe bowl to put dry flowers or other things in your home. Globes as a decor can be put in kids room where they can have great working atmosphere. We present you 20 Creative Diy Repurposed Globe Ideas that will inspire you.