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32 Creative and Fun DIY Back to School Ideas

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Are you ready for your first day at school?The start of fall invariably brings a wave of excitement to the air. The sound of school buses, the morning rush to get lunches packed and the overall hustle and bustle of a new school year is definitely refreshing and invigorating. So, we have put together some creative, but fun ‘back to school’ ideas that can make this school year easier and more exciting for all.

1. Innovative Pencil Holder

2. DIY Lunchbox from a Milk Jug

3. Kate’s Notebook Lunchbag

4. Making a handmade pencil box

5. Gingham Style Pencil Pouch

6. DIY Travel Art Roll

7. DIY Words to Write By

8. Heart Shaped Paperclips

9. Back to School Lacing Bookmark Craft

10. Decorating Pencils with Washi Tape

11. Magnetic Words in a Jar

12. DIY Lunch Box with Chalkboard

13. DIY Chalkboard Placemats

14. A better Laptop Stand for the Bed

15. Apple Pencil Holder

16. Back to School Printables

17. 1st Day of School Chalkboard Photo Props

18. Making Alphabet Blocks

19. Monogram Messenger Zipper Pouch

20. Lunch Jokes for Kids

21. Easy Chalk Labels

22. Making a Ruler Basket

23. Crayon Pencil Vase

24. DIY Burlap Bulletin Board

25. Preschool Games for Fun Learning

26. Back to School Superhero Lunchbox

27. Monster Pencil Case

28. Zippered Pencil and School Supplies Case

29. DIY Desk Organiser

30. Portable First Aid Kit

31. A Back to School Chart

32. Back to School A+ T Shirt

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