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25 Fresh Ways To Style Your Mantel For Christmas

Traditional Christmas decor is all about reds, greens and whites but what if you don’t want that all colorful cheer? No worries, there are many more styles and ideas to try for winter holidays, and today I’d like to share some fresh and interesting ways to style your mantel for Christmas, and I promise, you won’t see anything tasteless or too colorful here!

Go Evergreens

Evergreens are symbolic for Christmas, and using them for decorating a Christmas mantel is a great idea, whether they are faux or natural ones. Making evergreen garlands is a great idea to try, they are very comfy to line up the mantel, such garlands can be accessorized with pinecones, ornaments and lights to make them cooler. Small evergreen trees are also a cool idea for a mantel, put a couple on one or both sides and you’ll get a festive feel at once. Even undecorated trees and garlands look cool and holiday-like, sometimes some evergreens and candles are everything that you need to create a fantastic Christmas mantel.

Paper Cone Santa Craft

I’m so excited to show you this little guy – we made a paper cone Santa craft – this is such a sweet Christmas craft for kids. You can put this fellow under the tree, he can sit on a shelf or just anywhere!