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10 Exciting Christmas Decorations Created From Pool Noodles

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When you think of pool noodles, maybe you just think of water, sunshine and fun, however there are a lot of new and creative holiday decorations made from pool noodles. One such example is making a Christmas wreath for your front door. Most of the pool noodle decorations are easy and budget-friendly, so they are very suitable for the upcoming winter holiday.

1. Transform them into lawn candles with foam board for the flame:

2. Show your holiday spirit with these giant foam candy canes:

3. Turn your home into a candy house for Christmas with pool noodle lollipops:

4. Christmas tree created from foam candy canes:

5. DIY santa tulle wreath:

6. Put two swim noodles together to make a giant wreath with ornament for mantle decor:

7. Decorate the front porch with pool noodle candy cane:

8. They can be transformed into amazingly realistic-looking birch logs:

9. Foam peppermint candy sticks made for Christmas tree ornaments:

10. DIY pool noodle garland for holiday decor:

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