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15 Dazzling DIY Head Planters

Adding some head planters to your garden will make it appear more beautiful. Instead the ordinary way of planting, this one is definitely worth trying. And the best part is that you can make these yourself. The process is quick and easy. They can be made out of concrete. You can plant any flowers you like and they will fit in perfectly in every garden.

Recycle Old Windows Into DIY Mirrors

Recycling old items is always something that will be a good idea to do. You will save some money, and plus you will have your own and unique decor. If you have some old windows that you find useless, turn them into mirrors. They are excellent decor and will go with many styles, depending on the frame you will choose.

18 Creative DIY Ideas To Hide The Wires In The Wall

Bunch of wires of appliances are always annoying, even though you have tried many ways to hide them, they still look messy. Have you even thought about creative solutions to this kind of problem? They could be very cool and a great way to decorate your blank and boring walls. You do not need to spend too much time or effort, as long as you use your imagination, these annoying wires can be very different on the wall, being chic and modern. You can also paint them with colors. So, get rid of the annoying mess in your wall room caused by the wires of the essential appliances.

Homemade Flour Paint For Outdoors And Walls

You’ll be amazed how easy this Homemade Flour Paint is to make! It’s inexpensive, non-toxic and will last between 5 to 10 years on outdoor wooden surfaces. It has 4 simple ingredients at its base. You can make it in earthy tones. It’s also UV proof. This means you won’t suffer the dreaded fade, nearly half as much.  Flour Paint should only be used on wood, you need to ensure that it is clean and dry. It should also be brushed down and you should strip off any previous paint or varnish. Sanding and preparing your surface correctly is critical to its success. You want the Paint to take to the wood and penetrate and if preparation is poor, this will not happen. Do not use this on Drywall. Flour Paint is more suited to vertical surfaces that are external to your home.

DIY Cardboard Cactus

Cacti are one of the biggest design trends of 2017 and this cardboard cactus DIY is a great way to work this trend into your home. Whether you don’t want the responsibility of caring for a living cactus or you simply want to incorporate the cacti trend in a more functional way, With a few craft supplies you can create your very own cactus and add a little South Western style to your home!Whether you use the cardboard cactus as a home accessory on your window sill or a table decoration it is sure to look great throughout the home. You can make it more functional by adding holes to the cactus and using it as a jewelry stand on your dresser. It also makes a great paper weight or desk tidy for the home office.