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DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals

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Go and grab yarn, sewing machine and hand needle to make these animals for your kiddos or kiddos at heart!

What you will need:
– 1/4 yard of knit fabric (37′′ L by 6′′ W).
– Hand Needle & thread
– Sewing Machine, Scissors
– Wood Dowel or any long stick
– Pillow Stuffing; good quality.

1. Cut your fabric: Fold over in half and pin together.

2. Sew on the edge with a 0.5′′ seam allowance.

3.Turn the fabric inside over.

Forming the animal:

4. Sew & close the top part of the fabric to begin forming the parts of the balloon animal.

5. Forming the Head
Stuff a small amount of stuffing. Push the filling with a dowel rod or a stick. Make sure you buy the premium quality, the softer and silky, for a better looking stuffed animal. Push the filling with a dowel rod or a stick.  Stuffed until about 3 inches. Sew tightly to hold in place.

7. Forming the ears
Next, stuff and sew 2 parts of 2 inches each. Use the dowel stick to help push the filling.

Bring the two ears together, and sew them tightly together.

8. Forming the neck & front legs

Stuff and sew 3 parts of 3.5 inches each. Bring the last two parts together and sew tightly, these will form the front legs.

 9. Forming the body & back legs & tail

Stuff and  sew 4  parts: One of 3 inches in length to form the body & three of 3.5 inches in length to form the back legs and tail.

Bring the two legs together and sew tightly.

Cut off excess fabric from the tail.

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