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Homemade Christmas Caramels

Soft, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth Homemade Christmas Caramels are the perfect holiday gift!

31 Ideas How To Cover A Christmas Tree Base

Everybody’s puzzling over what Christmas tree decor to choose, what ornaments to make and which style is better this time. But most of us forget that covering or decorating a tree base is also necessary and your tree base decor should correspond to the style and maybe colors of the whole tree. Let’s consider some of the most creative ideas to cover your tree base and make it look more magical.


Baskets are the most popular covers for Christmas trees because they bring a chic and cozy rustic touch to any space and look rather neutral at the same time, they will fit many interiors and decor styles. Your tree can be decorated with various ornaments, garlands, buntings and other things, or you can just have some lights on or maybe no decor – with a basket your tree will be fabulous!

12 DIY Christmas Mason Jar Lighting Craft Ideas

Decorate Your Holiday with these DIY Christmas Mason Jar Lighting Ideas.  Mason jars have been in craft list and in more unexpected places around the home for a while, and now recycle them and get creative with these DIY projects for the Christmas holidays.

1. Epsom Salt Snowy Mason Jar

21 Alternative Christmas Trees to Try, No Matter the Size of Your Home

Real evergreens and artificial trees aren't the only Christmas tree options available. Check out these alternative holiday trees that are far from the ordinary.

Chalkboard Tree

Kids will love seeing their handmade ornaments and decorations used at Christmas. This colorful yarn garland is fun and simple to make for kids of all ages. String it across a flat, graphic chalkboard tree for extra wow factor.

25 Fun Candy Cane Christmas Décor Ideas For Your Home

Candy canes are cool and tasty Christmas symbols that always remind of the holidays and bring a strong Christmas feel. You can use these little candies for place cards, wreaths, garlands, chair and fir tree decor, and no special changes are needed – just hang or put them where you like. Cane-inspired decorations also look amazing: cane-inspired ornaments, tree and door decor and candle holders. To make a cool Christmas centerpiece you need just some container, candy canes and flowers – just put the canes into the container or attach them outside. Get more creative ideas below!

Easy DIY Christmas Photo Ornaments

Are you looking for an easy gift for your kids to make for mom, dad or grandparents this year? We have the perfect solution! Whether you make these DIY Christmas Photo Ornaments at home to give to grandparents, or in the classroom for a special present for Mom, they are sure to be a big hit.

A license plate Christmas tree!!!

Make an uniquely gorgeous Christmas Tree from up-cycled license plates!

Old license plates: You can find old license plates on Ebay or make your own card stock plates with the free downloads!
Card stock: Every tree needs a star! No need for all the work and heartache to cut up the real plates!
Small picture hanging nails to hang the plates.
LED fairy lights to light up our tree.

The “Christmas tree” you see here has 5 tiers, plus the “trunk” and the star. The height is about 5′ not including the star.

Measure and determine where the top plate should be. Start with the first plate: check that it’s level, mark the 2 holes at the top and hammer one nail for each hole.

Hang the plate, then start the next row.

Each row of license plates goes outside the row above, and you may need longer nails as you get to the bottom rows. Feel free to adjust where each plate is so the mix of colors are balanced.

To make the star, just print out the templates on card stock, glue the tabs together, and thread a piece of string or fishing line at one of the tips to hang it.

The nails provide the perfect support for these gorgeous LED fairy lights !

20 Amazing Ideas With Exposed Brick Walls

Exposed brick walls are especially popular in historical buildings and modern lofts. They have become popular in late 1900s, since a lot of people found them as a great option for their old homes. They preferred exposed bricks because it was less expensive to expose the bricks rather than to replace them or repair them. But nowadays, you can find them in ordinary living spaces too. If you want to add warmth and character to any room in the house or apartment, you can incorporate them in variety of home styles, from rustic to modern.

11 DIY Ways To Decorate With Pine Cones This Christmas

Pine cones are traditional decoration for Christmas. They are simple to find and very easy can create an cute and cozy look. Pine cones are perfect to combine with candles and a pine cone wreath is something that you really need to hang on your door. You can paint them, put in a glass or bowl, to hang on your Christmas tree or to decorate your porch.

Pine Cone Wreaths

Add some inventing charm to your door with this wonderful wreaths made by pine cones.

25 DIY Wood Pallet Christmas Trees

How about a DIY Wood Pallet Christmas Tree? Christmas is just around the corner and this easy upcycled pallet christmas tree made from an old pallet has to be one of my all time favorites! It has all the components of my perfect craft, a little bit rustic and a little bit new. A pallet Christmas tree is perfect for inside or outside as well! I’ve seen some really adorable diy Christmas trees around the web lately. Here are 25 to inspire you. The perfect Holiday Decoration! Enjoy!

Three Thanksgiving DIY projects

Looking for some easy, inexpensive do-it-yourself projects to get into the Thanksgiving spirit? Try one of these projects.

Paper pumpkins

21 Cheap And Easy Decorating Tricks For Renters

Your home doesn’t deserve to be as boring as your landlord.

1. Open storage is another way of aesthetically displaying your stuff.

An Easy Way to Make Custom Canvas Wall Art

Let’s get real. Painting is not for everyone. Canvases, however, are. If you’re not a Frida Kahlo, you can still create some awesome wall art using canvases. Today we’re decorating our walls with fabric-covered canvases. These are incredibly easy yet they look professional and classy.

25 Best Knitted Christmas Decoration Ideas

Knitted pieces always bring coziness and cuteness to any space, despite of the season and the item. Today we’ll talk about Christmas and the prettiest knit pieces for the holiday decor. If you are good at knitting, then try to make some cute knitted ornaments, and then you can use them for tree decor, garlands, wreaths, stairs and furniture decor for this Christmas.

The Thankful Tree

Autumn is such a beautiful season – the colors, the weather, etc. More than that, though, it is beautiful to see people give thanks, counting how many ways God has blessed them. And for each and everyone of us living and breathing, that list is unending. One way we display reminders to cultivate a thankful heart is with The Thankful Tree.

DIY Christmas Yarn Tree

Your main Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the only tree in your Christmas decor! It can be fun to include trees of other shapes and sizes elsewhere in your house. Even if you don’t have space for another full 3D Christmas tree, you can still make a tree that fits. This DIY Christmas Yarn Tree would fit easily on any blank wall you have available, or even on an interior door!

Fish Bowl Snowman

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the always fun task of taking the Christmas decoration boxes out of storage and decking the halls. But there's always room for one more DIY decoration—especially if it's as cute as this one.

DIY Wood Turkey Place Card Holders

Who loves to make crafts with wood? What's more appropriate for Thanksgiving than a wood turkey place card holder? Get the kids involved and let them paint all different colored feathers for their turkeys, who said turkeys have to be boring shades of brown?

13 DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Kids & Family Fun

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means stuffing, turkey, pumpkin pie, and family and friends. It doesn’t have to end there though. Bring even more to the table this year with these top Thanksgiving decoration ideas!  Your kids will love putting these fun decorations together.

Turkey Wreath
Give your guests a giggle or a gobble when they knock on your front door with this tulle turkey wreath. By wrapping a foam wreath in black tape and orange and red tulle, you can transform your entryway into a fun and festive greeting area. We love the face on this turkey, but you can go for a more serious look if you’re feeling less silly and more refined.

17 Creative Ideas for IKEA’s Lack Shelves

There are a lot of ideas you can do to make use of your Ikea lack shelves. Ikea lack shelves are a great way to decorate your empty walls and at the same time put a little storage to your place. Here are some ideas you might want to consider.

Your lack shelf can be a great accessory to your home bar. You can place a rack beneath to store your glasses. This looks perfect for your home bar.

How to Make Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones

Cinnamon-scented pine cones can be purchased at craft stores for around $10, but you can make them at home for just a fraction of the cost. Go pine cone gathering in your neighborhood and bring home as many as you want. Start this project well in advance of when you need them because it takes between four and six weeks for the pine cones to properly infuse the cinnamon scent.

11 Simple Last-Minute Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

The holiday countdown is ticking away at rapid speed. This time of year can definitely get a bit overwhelming, what with holiday parties, shopping, baking, crafting, and all things festive. If you're hosting a holiday meal and want to make your table extra-special for your guests but don't have the time or budget to go all out on an elaborate tablescape, don't fret. Here are 11 simple last-minute holiday centerpiece ideas that will wow your guests.

Get crafty with paper—try making modern paper cone trees.

DIY Wedding Details That are So Easy

If you’re trying to cut costs or you’re just really creative, Do It Yourself projects can add a lot to your wedding; a lot of character, personality, and interesting details. We think these DIY wedding details, in particular, are super cute and crafty. So, if you’re willing to put in the work, give it a go! The fruits of your labor will definitely pay off on wedding day.

Signs & Paper Goods

How to make Christmas ornament with concrete

Concrete is the perfect material to make some modern Christmas ornament. They are very simple to make, beside concrete, you will need big plastic caps, dowels, cutter, pliers and paint.


Everyone loves Christmas trees, however, a tree can take up a lot of space! So what if you have limited space? What if you want 10 trees just because you are so exuberant?! Here’s a collection of jaw dropping and super inspiring ideas to make your Christmas “Trees” with unexpected things from oil funnels to tomato cages, reclaimed wood to pvc pipe. They can be made in many sizes and would fit in a variety of spaces! By the end you will be so happy to know that – Yes, one can have 10 Christmas trees even in a tiny apartment!

1. Stacked Book Christmas tree

The Fast, Easy Way to Make Oversized Christmas Ornaments

What do light globes, used tuna cans, and eye hooks have in common? Together, you can use them to craft a supersize Christmas ornament that will make your front porch really stand out this season.The best part? It's super easy to make.

Upcycled Soda Can Flowers Wall Art

What a great upcycled craft to make using soda cans!

Do These 8 DIYs Now to Have Your Home Pinterest-Ready by Thanksgiving

The food generally gets all the attention when it comes to Thanksgiving, but this year, why not complement the meal with seasonal decor elements? To help you enhance those leftover Halloween pumpkins with some DIY swag, we've gathered up eight beautiful projects anyone can do with a few supplies and a little ingenuity. Check them out ahead, and then get to work making your home Pinterest-ready before Turkey Day arrives.

With basic fabric paint and some cute seasonal stamps, you can personalize your tablescape with DIY printed napkins.

How to Make a Felt Advent Calendar

With all the staring outside that happens now (searching for snow or flying reindeer), why not give a prominent window some attention, too? Dress it up with an Advent calendar of muslin bags filled with treats; drape a garland of pinking-sheared leaves along its frame.