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10 Golden Rules That Will Expand The Space Of Your Home

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The home decorating and the completely arranging of your home is not an easy job. Especially if you have limited budget and you do not like to spent money on a interior designer or other expert than you should be careful and every tip that you will read will be welcome. The home arrangement brings some unique pleasure, perhaps because you are creating a space that you can call “home”. And since everything has rules there are golden rules and things that are forbidden, it is worth be followed. Check them our below and enjoy!

1. Hanging Curtains From the Ceiling
If you hang the curtains high on ceiling, instead of  the window, you make it look visually larger, and thus get more light.

2. Special board for magnets
Instead of doing a visual chaos of magnets on the fridge, attach a tray next to it. Thus, the collection will be organized.

3. Cupboards for shoes are mandatory
Besides shoes will lose their original appearance, believe that the widest corridor will look messy and confusing if there are scattered shoes instead of small lockers.

4. Select bright wallpaper with vertical patterns
Dark walls visually will shrink space, but the same applies to horizontal patterns that closing the space. If you want a bright and comfortable room, select wallpaper in pastel shades and vertical lines.

5. Use bundled rags and towels
All things that are mismatched, making space to act and piled haphazardly.

6. Select furniture with legs
Chair, sofa, coffee table or shelves – let everything be at least a few centimeters above the floor. The actual air flow creates a sense that space is wider.

7. Boxes for organization
Nothing should be leaved on the shelves unless it is well arranged in boxes.

8. Wide carpet
It is common believing  that as a smaller room is, then the carper should be smaller, which is very wrong. In fact, all those small rugs “eat” the space.

9. Organized cosmetics
Never leave products, besides the mirror or shelving. To organize all these trifles, use board for magnets. So even when you’re in a hurry you have a split second to attach it.

10. Chandeliers are not smart lighting
Large chandeliers can easily swallow space. Instead use a built-in ceiling lights – They will visually expand the space.

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