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Fence can take up a lot of space and can cost a lot. But, we are always here to give you some cheap alternatives that you can make easily and quickly and save some money. The projects that you will see in a short will not only protect your property, but add life to your space and make it more unique and charming. So, let’s check them out and get inspired. You may find them interesting and try them out who knows. Enjoy and have fun!


Use parts of old cars, trucks, bikes and other types of vehicles to make your own creative and eye-catching fence. Nowadays, the rusted yard decors are very popular, so don’t be afraid of incorporating rusted wheel fence too. As you can already notice, you can turn any part of the bike in fantastic fence design.

image via flickr

Easy DIY Mouse Trap Clips

Do you ever get inspiration from strange places?  I mean other than Pinterest?  Places like the dollar store, grocery store and even Home Depot are full of great inspiration.  And oddly enough, even a simple mousetrap can become a tiny work of art…

Unique DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

Save your budget and try your hand at homemade wedding invitations. From beautiful burlap to awesome 3D cards – we have some awesome ideas for you to check out. All you need to do is edit the guest list!

How You Can Do a Pallet Bench-Shoerack Yourself

Now we're going to share with you a tutorial video of a pallet furniture that has two functions at the same time. It’s a bench and a shoerack too. You can sit on it while put on your shoes and also have a little space to store them.

You’ll Never Shave Or Wax Again After Trying This Natural DIY Sugar Paste. So Simple And It Works!

Lots of women – and some men – shave their legs on a regular basis, but it becomes a tedious task when repeated day in and day out. Even if you only shave a few times a week it still takes up precious time. Before long all that hair is back – but not anymore thanks to this easy-to-use “sugar paste depilation” hair removal technique! While their are tons of alternatives to shaving, most contain harmful chemicals that are really bad for your skin. This simple technique only uses three ingredients: sugar, lemon and water.

DIY Cherries Mason Jar Centerpiece

Need a quick and easy mason jar centerpiece idea? This cheery cherry centerpiece is perfect for your spring and summer entertaining and home decor! Using pom poms and glitter cardstock, these mason jars are perfect for summer gifts and entertaining!

DIY Coastal Napkin Rings

I needed some beachy feeling napkin rings for an upcoming tablescape/dinner party and I didn't like the prices I was seeing in the stores. It was time to get creative!

DIY Lunch Box Treat & Note Holder From An Altoid Tin

While some may want to hold onto summer as long as possible, others are counting down the days until the kiddos go back to school. Either way, you’ll love this fun idea for making a lunch box note and treat holder. This simple DIY Lunch Note Holder is a great way to up-cycle an Altoids tin, plus it can be used as a treat holder or lunch money container in addition to a sweet note from Mom or Dad! It’s easy to make and your kids will love their surprise when school begins!