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Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Coat Hangers in DIY Simple Projects

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Creativity plays a vital role in this quest, a quest the infinite DIY community offers the resources to respond to.Today we have chosen coat hangers as central pieces in re-purposing projects. Some are creative, others unique in approach and style, others very effective and efficient. The key that bonds them all together is simplicity and a clear purpose they all succeed in achieving. Cast a glance at the selection below and feel free to complete the collection with your own personal interpretations of the mundane plain coat hanger.

Coat hangers will serve as newspapers and magazine holders

Rather than staking old newspapers and magazines in a corner for the dust to settle why not take the unconventional approach and place them on a coat hanger within your reach? Maybe this way you will be more encouraged to finish a reading before stepping to the next glossy cover.

 Display your sunglasses collection in an unconventional style

We all tend to overbuy items and staking them in a corner of a drawer only manages to encourage this direction. Display your collection in plain sight in a simple elegant manner as a reminder of all your great pieces you already own.

Organizing your ribbon collection

Keeping the crafting corner clean and organized is a difficult task. Use a coat hanger to finally stack those ribbons you usually misplace around the house.

Pose your jewelry collection from a coat hanger
Take the option of using a coat hanger to store all your bracelets and necklaces without constantly tangling them.

Use a different approach to a coat hanger

If you are feeling creative, adapt plain coat hangers and a driftwood piece into an elegant one of a kind piece for your hallway.

Mixing wooden coat hangers to form a dishwasher

Wood and water don’t always get along but you must admit the creation above is very beuatiful in its simplicity.

For the innovative mind coat hangers can form chandeliers

For the out of the box thinker, hangers can become chandeliers in mesmerizing compositions.

An unique designer piece featuring coat hangers

If the designer in you feels the need to take things to a different level, coat hangers are an option to consider.

A fruit bowl made from hangers

Why wouldn’t you store fruit in a bowl made from hangers?

Storing your flip flops in an efficient way

Flip flops and sandals and flats are difficult to store in small spaces, use coat hangers efficient and save up some extra space.

Hanging a picture on the wall has a new meaning
A delicate beautiful manner of displaying a beloved memory on your blank wall.

A “deer” hanger can become an useful insertion as well as a design piece

Invest time in interpreting plain pieces into design appealing creations that serve a purpose as well.

Adorn your bathroom with unconventional towel racks

Become efficient and store your bathroom towels differently.

Display your kid’s wall art with coat hangers

Simple and beautiful in contrast and form.

Stack coat hangers to form shoe racks

With a little bit of imagination DIY projects can go a long way.

 via homesthetics

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Wooden Coat Hangers from Bizarkdeal

The J.S hanger solid beech wooden are the perfect hangers for my coats/jackets and clothes. The hangers are strong and sturdy with rotating hooks. The size and design of the hangers works well with my clothes because they do not stretch the shoulders and leave that annoying bump that sticks out on the corners. I can hang coats, jackets, sweaters, and blouses. I can also hang my spaghetti strap tank/dresses because the of the notched shoulders of the hangers. All in all great quality hangers and would recommend it.


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