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Make Your Own Fabulous Wedding Vases

Don't break the bank. With this DIY on creating the cutest wedding vases you will make each table shine. Wedding season is officially upon us. From grand venues to elaborate outfits to week-long festivities, the glitz and glamour can undoubtedly burn a major hole in your pocket. While some things are best left to professionals, creating the perfect centerpiece doesn't have to be one of them. If you're tight on time and cash, and looking for something unique to wow your guests, these fun and playful DIY vases are sure to put the finishing touch on your big day.

12 Quick and Super Easy DIY Tutorials You’ll Want to Try This Weekend

Pinterest makes everything look pretty and easy, but there's no end to DIY fails on the Internet. Of course, some of the prettiest things on the Internet also look extremely complicated, and we understand you might be worried about spending an entire afternoon creating something that ends up in the dustbin. So we've combed through Pinterest, and we bring to you 12 DIY projects that someone with a rudimentary knowledge of art and craft will be able to make.

Ping Pong Ball Lights

These string lights won't take you more than 10-15 minutes to make, but will do everything a string of pretty fairly lights can. Learn how to make these here.

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How to Make Ice Candles!

I love to use leftover containers for clever craft ideas. Never one to just throw something away, I decided to use the little plastic microwave cups to make miniature ice candles! Creating with recycled items is not a new thing for me. I made unusual wall art from toilet paper tubes, a pretty sun catcher from plastic lids, and even a baby food jar Christmas tree! So, it was just natural to look at these cool little cups and come up with a project.

Decorative Wooden Crates from Old Window Blinds

Upcycle your old window blinds and turn them into pretty, decorative wooden crates for your pots, with this easy tutorial.

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Are You Unhappily Headboardless? 7 Out-of-the-Box Ideas To Try

No headboard, no problem: Whether you're plotting out how to punch up your dorm room for this fall, outfitting your first place, or simply not ready to commit to a full-blown headboard, we rounded up 7 clever (and affordable) solutions to add some serious style to that blank wall behind your bed.

A temporary decal is an easy, no-fuss way to create a faux, affordable headboard. When you're ready for an upgrade, or moving, just peel it off the wall like it was never there.

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One great material that you can use to decorate both your home and yard is the bamboo. Bamboo is a strong, sustainable, eco-friendly, lightweight and renewable material that you can use to make all sorts of things. Bamboo is a popular material, used in Eastern and Western cultures. It can bring a touch of nature to any space. You can find some bamboo growing wild near you, or you can get some at really affordable price. Bamboo sticks can be easily cut, reshaped and glued to create some cool creation for the home. For instance, if you are missing some ladder where you can hang some towels or blanket, you can make a bamboo one. Also, you can make some mirror frame out of bamboo, as well as some flower vase, a coffee table stand, a lamp, napkin rings etc. Scroll down now to see all of the above mentioned bamboo crafts as well as many other and choose which one of them you will try to copy. Enjoy!


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Easy Mason Jar Terrariums

These little terrariums are super quick to put together and a great activity for kids! They look great on desks and end tables or anywhere you need a little bit of greenery! Since I’m generally a plant killer I decided to go the faux route to make sure my mason jar terrariums would stay green all year round. If you’re a green thumb, feel free to do this with real plants (just remember to add some dirt). Let’s get started!

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Emoji Mason Jars

My love of emoji’s has been a joke around our house and inspired this simple way to bring your favorite emoji’s from your phone to your home with these adorable, emoji mason jars! They are just so fun and can add a lot of pazaz to an otherwise boring text message. Also, how are you supposed to know how much I love something, if I don’t send you the “heart-eye emoji” or how funny something is, if you don’t get the “hysterically crying, laughing” emoji? Sure you could just say you are excited, but doesn’t 3 clappy hands, a party hat and the big smiling emoji say it better?

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11 Clever Ways to Reuse Shoe Holders

From toy organizer to perfect food storage idea, a simple plastic shoe holder can be used in almost any room in the house for million purposes. So, let’s take a look at the ideas here and draw some inspiration. You may finally find a solution for the problem that was bothering you for years, who knows. Enjoy and have fun!


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Coastal cloud painted mason jars

If, like me, you are a fan of Pinterest and craft then no doubt you will have seen painted mason jars everywhere! I have frosted some lovely jars that I had, I wanted a beach glass effect, and I love this candle holder that I bought from West Elm. It has an aged frosted effect almost like a lime wash. This was my inspiration. Here are my three coastal cloud jars.

Pallet Kitchen Island Table

There are some bookmark things that are considered compulsory for the certain sections of the house like a bed for the bedroom, coffee table for the living and so is a kitchen island table for the kitchen space. And for a modernly build and designed kitchen area we have a very stylish and super cool kitchen island table which can beat any market bought one with its gorgeous design and impressive shape. But coming out from the pallets it is totally a cost efficient possession so have a look at this DIY pallet kitchen island table featuring a wide table top, mini drawer row and a broad base at the end to let you store and organize a bunch of your kitchen apparatus on it. Top would let you prepare for food, the drawers would let you house your entire cutlery and the base can act to hold some bigger and heavy things like cookers, pans and juicers etc. the white and chocolaty stain contrast makes it look much more gorgeous and marvelous.

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DIY Olympic Rings Candy Jars

The Summer Olympics will be starting soon! Will you be tuning in? I love watching the Olympics, especially the Summer Games. My favorite sport to watch is the diving, what’s yours? Here’s a fun way to get into the spirit whether you’re hosting a party while you watch your favorite event, or if you just want to show your Olympic spirit. These DIY Olympic Rings Candy Jars are so simple to make.

DIY Summer Shorts

I’m a shorts girl through and through. But if you’ve been around these parts for long enough (or even just a few clicks) you’ll know that already. With Summer in full swing and hopefully a few vacation days on the horizon, chances are you’re trawling the net looking for a) a new holiday outfit or b) inspiration for your next sewing project. Same same really. And whilst we’re not attempting to reinvent the wheel (or in these case the summer ensemble) here, these simple shorts – the second in the closet staples series – are sure to take you to the beach, bar or… the sofa. Pretty much anywhere worth going this summer. Promise!

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27 Amazing DIY Beach Party Ideas

I love summer! Who doesn’t right? It just always remind me of the fun times we spent at the beach. I’m not really sure if we would be able to have a trip there with everything that’s going on but one thing’s for sure, I’m throwing a beach theme party. Who says you can’t have fun at the beach without the beach, take the beach to you. With these party ideas, I’m sure that you’ll have a grand time even if you’re high and dry!

1. Refreshing Infused Water

Spin Old Ceiling Fans Into These Brilliant DIY Creations

Don't send your old ceiling fan to the trash bin or charity shop just yet! While the fan may no longer work, you can certainly "spin" an old ceiling fan into crafty new creations! Whether you're looking to decorate your lawn or hang your towel off of something artsy, ceiling fans can certainly bring the "cool" to your home in a whole new way. Check out these smart ideas that will transform that fan into whimsical DIY creations for your home or garden.

Crafty Dragonfly Art

Don't know what to do with old ceiling fan blades? Bring some fun to your backyard and make a pair of dragonfly buddies to hang on your fence. You'll also need an old table leg for this project.

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24 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

No wedding is complete without wedding favors. There should always be something the guests can take home as a keepsake to remember the special day that they shared with the newly weds. Looking for some cool DIY wedding favor ideas? If you want some unique and cheap wedding favors to give your guests on the big day, then this is the list you should be checking out!

1. DIY Coffee Bean or Tea Wedding Favors

How to Make and Apply Appliques

This step by step guide will show you how to make appliques by hand, how to apply them to your project, and how to sew the appliques using a regular sewing machine.

1. Trace the applique design piece(s) from the template onto the paper side of fusible webbing, leaving about ½ inch between each piece.

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30+ Cool DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Summer

A lot of us like to spend some evenings lounging in our yards and gardens during summer. There’s nothing quite like entertaining in your backyard during the Summer or early Fall. Having good outdoor lighting can make your outdoor space a usable and enjoyable spot to visit with loved ones, have a late snack, or sip a good glass of red. Are you looking for some lighting ideas? Here we’ve rounded up 30+ Cool DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Summer.

1.Magical Mushroom Lights

20 Hair Tutorials You Can Totally DIY

Doing your hair should be fun, simple and pretty, but some hair tutorials are so complicated, you can hardly follow along. If you’re a little frustrated, we totally feel you. That’s why below you will find 20 easy styles that can be completed in a couple of simple steps! How-to guides on bringing your hair from drab to fab have been beauty lovers’ number one way to get gorgeous strands. Thanks to this amazing thing called the Internet, it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, you can find a look that’s going to work. The best part is, you can follow them in the comfort of your own home until you’re ready to show off to the world.

1: Twisted Crown Braid Tutorial

In need of an everyday look that can easily turn into a go-to for a special occasion? This particular hair tutorial offers a half updo that takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and is perfect for second day hair.

20 Amazing DIY Projects To Enhance Your Yard Without Spending a Dime

From decorating with wooden barrels, buckets, broken chairs to stumps and wheels and planters on wheels, here you will find some awesome ideas that will fit any style and yard design. However, each project in this gallery is easy to make and I bet that you already have the needed materials. I’m also 100% sure that they will inspire you and awaken your creativity to go outside and turn your yard into a relaxing, warm and very comfortable zone for you and your guests. So, let’s check them out one by one and draw some inspiration. You may find an idea that will fit your yard, who knows, enjoy and have fun!

Wheel Decorations

You can turn any wheel in charming decoration and add vintage touches to your backyard space. You can use the wheels as decor or as planters.

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Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Coat Hangers in DIY Simple Projects

Creativity plays a vital role in this quest, a quest the infinite DIY community offers the resources to respond to.Today we have chosen coat hangers as central pieces in re-purposing projects. Some are creative, others unique in approach and style, others very effective and efficient. The key that bonds them all together is simplicity and a clear purpose they all succeed in achieving. Cast a glance at the selection below and feel free to complete the collection with your own personal interpretations of the mundane plain coat hanger.

Coat hangers will serve as newspapers and magazine holders

Rather than staking old newspapers and magazines in a corner for the dust to settle why not take the unconventional approach and place them on a coat hanger within your reach? Maybe this way you will be more encouraged to finish a reading before stepping to the next glossy cover.

21 Inspiring Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint On a Kitchen

Chalkboard is one of the most popular and useful projects in home décor because it is fun, cheap, easy and interactive. As an interesting and practical home improvement project, chalkboard reminds us of happy school days and childhood graffiti. Walls, furniture, flooring, bottles, mason jars … you almost can add chalkboard paint to any surface. Kitchen, a great space for showing off your creativity, can be the perfect place to rock chalkboards. And we are truly sure that kitchen is the best place to start your creative chalkboards. You can hand-write on it recipes or shopping lists and erase anytime. Better yet, they are decorative elements of the kitchen functional areas, such as breakfast zone, kitchen backsplashes, cabinet doors and even the floor of cooking area. Want to bring chalkboards into your kitchen renovation plans? See what we have discovered for you!

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41 Incredible Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Love farmhouse decor and furnishings? I just can not get enough of this look, but am discovering that some of the most awesome farmhouse looks are actually DIY ideas you can easily make yourself. From distressed pallet wall art to whitewashed furniture, these ideas will show you how to get the farm house style of your dreams!

1. Entryway Gallery Wall

How To Make a Flower Pot Table

We're in the middle of summer now, but many stores are already marking down their outdoor and patio products. If you see a pair of large, inexpensive flower pots you like, grab them. No, they aren't for plants this time. If you add a dollar store pizza pan on top, you can make an awesome, sculptural side table that works both indoors and out.

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DIY Affordable Wheelchairs Made From Reused Plastic Chairs in Rwanda

Wheelchairs are expensive and often inaccessible for people in the third world. This problem led Catalan designers Josep Mora and Clara Romaní to build wheelchairs from various cheap chairs that are locally available. The duo is currently in Rwanda to test the idea and to set up workshops to incorporate the final wheelchair users into the production process.

Lovely DIY Wedding Photo Backdrops That Will Amaze You

It’s the wedding season and I bet that you have attended at least two weddings for the past two months. Couple prefer to get married during the summer since the weather is hot and there are less rains and storms. If you are organizing your wedding, you will benefit from this article because here I’m going to inspire you with some splendid photo booths that will leave you speechless. Every detail for the wedding should be planned carefully, and the photo booth is a thing that takes time. Finding the perfect backdrop for your wedding is of utmost importance since it reveals a lot of your personalities and style. Wandering the internet in search of the perfect wedding photo backdrop design can be difficult, so here I have collected only the best ideas. Check them out and see whether you will find the idea that will suit you the best and get down to work to recreate it!

Balloons are a part from every party, and the wedding should not be an exception. They can make the ambiance more playful with ease, so if you wish to have a more fun and interesting look, this is the craft that you should make for sure.

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Make an Upcycled Cardboard Lantern

Have a pile of derelict boxes hanging around? Upcycled cardboard lanterns are the perfect way to transform trash into imaginative home decor that you can enjoy all year ’round. These simple lanterns are a breeze to make and add a cozy glow to any space. Any cardboard box will do, so have fun mixing shapes and sizes to make a dynamic display.

13 Spectacular DIY Chicken Wire Craft Ideas

With chicken wire, just about anything is possible. People have been using chicken wire for a variety of reasons for years. Everything from using it in chicken coops to making baskets. Chicken wire can be used for a lot of creative and useful crafts. You don’t need to have chickens to use it! Have you ever considered using chicken wire to decorate your home? The answer is most likely no. Not many people think about using chicken wire for decorative purposes. But these projects below will inspire you to start thinking about it! Chicken wire can make a lot of great decorative pieces for your home and garden. These crafts can be done yourself. This will save you money on purchasing decorative pieces. Best of all, these projects really impress your guests and will have them talking for months to come! These projects will breathe new life into your home or garden. Décor on a budget is something we can all relate to. We have compiled the 13 best décor ideas for chicken wire, providing plenty of creative examples. Go ahead, give one of these crafts a try!

1. Make a fruit or vegetable holder

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Build a Dressing Room with Pallets for Free!!

Why not solve the big storage issues of home for free through pallet projects? This DIY pallet dressing room closet speaks all for DIY creativity and is all free to grab! Complete installation of it has been done with pallets and we are having a full pallet storage idea here that speaks volumes for total engineering and construction of this custom wooden wardrobe! It is offering the separate section for cloth hanging, compartments to organize jewelry and shoes and also extra storage options for anything else! Large size of it would come in handy to store all fashion worthy items in large collections! This given project will be all amazing for home and commercial installation of dressing rooms, closets or wardrobes!

Installation of Pallet Closet/Wardrobe:

This DIY project is all about a sophisticated installation of a full dressing room, pallets have been hired to bring the project to completion, here is all to build with pallets and this custom large wooden closet or wardrobe may be the first item here to start the project with!

DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

This DIY is super fun and easy and can be done in a variety of ways.

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30 DIY Plant Label & Marker Ideas For Your Garden

Gardening is so much fun. Setting seeds and waiting for them to grow into full-fledged plants, flowers or even fruits is much like seeing your child develop and grow. It takes hours of research, careful planning, watering, nurturing and numerous other tasks that may be time- and effort-intensive, but feel worth it when the final result blooms to life. Taking all of this into account, it is natural for you to want to clearly identify all of your plots and species, so that you don’t mix them up and end up ruining all your hard work. Also, it makes all good sense that your plants are clearly identified when you want to show them off to your friends and family. It is for this latter reason that you markers and labels need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing – because you don’t want to ruin the beauty of your little garden with ugly handwritten labels. Today, you will see a gallery full of label and marker ideas for your garden, from sophisticated, to sweet and fun. We hope this gets your plant-loving creative juices flowing!

DIY Vintage Spoon Plant Markers

These vintage, intricately designed spoons make for really cool and different plot markers. It’s a bit of a shame to hide the handles, which are the coolest part, but the top with the labels – which you can hand draw like in this case or find online – is really cute yet functional.

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Easy DIY Market Tote Made from an Old T-Shirt

The pile of my family’s old shirts gets larger every month. We have a few shirts that we are loathe to get rid of. Several of them, like my old college tees, just bring back great memories, even though I don’t wear them anymore. This is an easy, three-step tutorial for making a DIY market tote bag with an old tee. It only requires one (straight) line of sewing, so it’s perfect for beginner sewers and up. Plus, it will take no more than ten minutes to make from start to finish (including sewing time). This is a great way to put those old shirts to good use.

Amazing Spray Paint Project Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Spray paint is a great invention. It sure has drawbacks like the smell, the fact that aerosols aren’t great for the environment and all that, but it also has great advantages that make it popular, especially among DIY fanatics. Spray paint is easy to use, and while it can be messy, it saves you from getting your hands dirty – for the most part – and doesn’t require you to have as much skill as a brush or paint roll would. There’s a lot that you can do with spray paint. It works on most surfaces, and while it may not be great for precision work, you can cover big areas easily and quickly, which means that you can do small, but most of all, big projects in no time at all. Also, you can easily control the opacity of the paint, which means you can achieve great gradients and fade effects, especially on glass surfaces. The beauty of spray paint is just that – you can transform everything – from a plain piece to a restored one – overnight with just a can of paint. Need inspiration? We have a few projects to help you. Just remember to do them outside, because this paint is as toxic as any other, if not more.

DIY Mercury Glass Vase

Give your plain glass vase a luxury mirror effect just with spray paint in minutes.

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Rosemary Sea Salt Flatbread

This Rosemary Sea Salt Flatbread is the perfect appetizer or side dish to serve with dinner! It’s golden, delicious, crispy on the outside and decadently soft and chewy on the inside. The dough is lightly fried in olive oil (swoon!) and topped with fresh rosemary and sea salt. The perfect combination!! It’s seriously so quick and easy to whip up. You’ll want to make this every night!! I had the leftovers the next day for lunch and they were just as amazing. Make this bread ASAP!! :)

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Firecracker Cookies for the 4th of July

Of all the July 4th celebration cookies I’ve made over the years, the most popular—and my favorite—is the firecracker. I make my own cookie cutters, so it was easy for me to design the perfect firecracker shape, but I’ve never seen a similar cutter in stores or online. Luckily, I figured out a great way for you to make this cookie by using two shapes that are easy to create—a star and a rectangle. When you bake these two shapes together, you get a perfect firecracker cookie to decorate in red, white, and blue. Happy 4th of July!

10 Balcony Decor Ideas for the Urban Dweller

If you’re living in an urban area, you now that when room is tight, you’ve got to make good use of it. For those of us, urban dwellers, who have the chance to enjoy a balcony, this principle certainly applies more: as soon as the good weather comes back, we long to this lounge space for relaxing, reading and entertaining. Here are 10 cozy urban balconies ideas, that will inspire you to turn your outdoor situation into a second living room!

1. Square deck tiles: They are a cheap way to refresh your balcony, and allow for easy draining of rain water.