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I'm not done with knots yet... it's addictive once you start! A nice idea to keep you busy this WE, making knots earrings!

You gonna need:
Rat tail cord (any color), glue, earrings supplies.

To make the white and pink earrings I made the monkey fist knot (just the knot I did't put a small ball in the center). The knot it's quite easy to realize, but its take a little more time to adjust because of its small size.

Once the knot is done, cut and paste the ends. After glue the earrings supports, I used silicone glue.

I made an other pair using the keyhole knot. I used elastic, but this is not practical at all, the rat tail cord works much better!

By mixing different nodes and colors you have endless possibilities, I hope you like it, have a great weekend!

via ohohblog

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