Πέμπτη 28 Απριλίου 2016

DIY Crafted Mother's Day Card

Looking for a simple way to tell Mom that she's the best? Look no further than out DIY handcrafted watercolor card for Mother's Day! It's so simple and easy, you can put it together in 10 minutes or less.

Candy Shop Ice Cream Cake

This Kit Kat Ice Cream Cake is the ultimate birthday cake to WOW the kids. It's even a terrific frozen treat to cool off from the heat.

Τρίτη 26 Απριλίου 2016

Where Have You Been? 12 Beautiful DIY Ways to Commemorate Your Travels

One man's treasured souvenir collection is another man's soul-crushing pile of clutter. If you find yourself in the latter camp, you should know that there are plenty of ways to commemorate and celebrate the places you've been without having to dedicate a shelf to shot glasses or snowglobes.

If you come home with some leftover currency, consider blowing it up to a mammoth proportion as using it as wall art, inspired by the living room.

Stunning DIY Sunglasses Holders That You Have To See

The sun is up, and I bet that you have probably taken out the sunglasses from the back shelves. We all love sunglasses because they protect our eyes from the sun and are a fashion accessory that nobody can resist. There is hardly anyone who has just one pair and usually people have them in various colors, shapes and designs. If you have plenty of sunglasses you are definitely facing the trouble of storing them in the right way. These Stunning DIY Sunglasses Holders will help you to keep them in order and safe from damaging. Are you interesting about making a DIY craft that will help you get rid of the sunglasses mess? Choose the idea that you like the best and get down to work!

If you are feeling crafty, get your small flower vase and attach hangers on the sides of it. You can fill it with anything you want to decorate it in the best possible way.

Σάββατο 23 Απριλίου 2016

10 Inexpensive Outdoor DIYs That Don't Look Cheap

It’s spring and it’s time to go outside to do a DIY project that will improve the look of your backyard or garden. If you don’t consider yourself a crafty handyman and don’t think your DIY will look that good, we’re here to help. The following DIYs aren’t complicated and definitely aren’t expensive, and at the same time they will not look cheap or poorly made. So let’s go outdoors and make something nice.

Garden Mirror

Frame a mirror in an old shutter for a faux window on the wall or the fence, or if you’re up for a little challenge, make a sunburst mirror frame out of sticks. A big mirror will make a small garden look bigger too.

DIY Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

With Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s time to think about what the kids will make for her. Will it be a book that they draw pictures in, a bath soak for Mom to relax with, or a nest pendant for her to wear? We’ve gathered a bunch of great ideas just in time for her big day!

Mommy Survival Kit 

As a mom, I’ve gone searching for headache medicine or chapstick more than once. Almost always I come up empty-handed. Maybe for Mother’s Day this year I’ll get a Mommy Survival Kit – it has everything Mom needs before she knows she needs it.

Πέμπτη 21 Απριλίου 2016

10 Creative Kids Bookshelves to Inspire

We all know how important reading is, especially at young age when children discover the world and should learn something new daily, so encouraging your kid to read in many different ways is the most useful and smart thing to do. There are several ways in which you can make reading more interesting for your youngster, and one of them is creating a fun reading corner for him. If you are able do build a unique and captivating design of a book shelf for your kid to store and display his books, than believe us, half of the job is done. So investing a little time and devotion into your kids own bookshelves will make him enjoy in the beauty of books, appreciate their value, thus – read more. That is the main reason why we have searched for some amusing and fun designs of bookshelves and we have collected a list of 10 that we liked the most, so continue reading and get inspired in creating a lovely book storage for your kid. Enjoy!

Zig Zag Kids Bookshelves

These red hot zig-zag bookshelves look so awesome as a contrast to the bold navy blue wall and furniture. Not only they stand out in the setting, they also provide a super-vibrant and dynamic ambiance in this kids spot.

Παρασκευή 15 Απριλίου 2016

Rustic Tin Can Tea Lights

Embrace warmer weather with this rustic spring DIY project over the weekend. Sometimes the smallest home improvement can make a big difference. Recycle tin cans by transforming them into simple, rustic elements in your home decor.

Learn How to Make Marbled Candles

Want to add some personality to your space? An eye-catching pair of marbled candles and vintage candlesticks will add excitement to your dining room or mantle. A DIY swirling method that allows you to easily marble three-dimensional objects. With the right paint and an organized work space, you can easily create a swoon-worthy set of marbled candles in your own home.

Τετάρτη 13 Απριλίου 2016

Make An Upcycled Napkin Curtain

Instead of investing in off-the-shelf window dressings, make your own from an excess of beloved but rarely-used vintage napkins (tea towels and other vintage linens will work, too), amassed over a decade of digging in flea markets and secondhand shops. With a little bit of stitching, an incomplete and mismatched sets of dinner napkins became a charming patchwork curtain that’s sheer enough to let in lots of natural light, while still affording (priceless!) privacy.

Growing Mushrooms in Coffee Grounds

Growing mushrooms in coffee grounds is simple and easy and in this DIY you’ll learn how to grow your own mushrooms at home. Mushrooms grow in all sorts of places associated with waste: fungi can grow on paper, on cardboard, sawdust everywhere. Their coincident growth is rather a different thing, but the fact is that growing mushrooms is difficult. You can’t grow them in ordinary garden soil. Organic materials on which mushrooms grow are called mushroom substrate and used coffee grounds work well for this purpose, because they are cohesive and already been sterilized during the brewing process.

How to Turn a Milk Box into a Chic Wallet

Recycle the milk cartons and transform them into a pretty wallet. This creative idea is very simple to put into practice.

Τρίτη 12 Απριλίου 2016

Κυριακή 10 Απριλίου 2016

Pallet Planter Box For Cascading Flowers

The result of this DIY project is so beautiful you have to see it for yourself. Cascading flower boxes are gorgeous. I know I have seen them before but had no idea this is how they did it. Or that I had the skill level to make one myself. Beautiful and so much easier than I thought it would be. Silly me, I thought it was a bush. Take a look at the directions and see how it is worth your time and effort. Cross my heart! These directions call for the use of used wood pallets but you can use any type of lumber if you don’t want to break one apart. It will require daily water, weekly fertilizer, and periodic spraying for bugs. Yes, a little bit of maintenance but it is worth the spectacular results. Give it a try, you won’t regret this project.

Παρασκευή 8 Απριλίου 2016

Make an Edible Terrarium

Don’t have a yard? Terrariums are an easy, adorable way to add greenery to your space. Simply add your favorite plants to a few layers of rocks and charcoal — with the requisite cute miniatures, of course — and you’ve created a verdant paradise that grows on your windowsill. So, how do you make a terrarium even better? By making it out of chocolate and candy, of course! Inspired by all things terrarium, this edible faux-terrarium begins with a foundation of candy-coated chocolate rocks, and cacao nibs are a tasty stand-in for the typical charcoal layer. Mini-chocolate cupcakes are baked and crumbled on top to mimic potting soil, and candy succulents are planted on top.

15 Projects That Will Transform Old Filing Cabinets

Before the internet and smart phones, people used to store their important papers and files in something called a filing cabinet. Filing cabinets were essentially metal drawers that fit neatly next to your desk and hurt like hell if you happened to bang your knee on them. Dangerous as they were, these cabinets were actually quite helpful in keeping your documents organized and tidy. These days, filing cabinets are something like office furniture fossils, but we're gonna go all Jurassic Park on them. These filing cabinet DIYs will bring this furniture into the modern age with unique and clever projects. Which one of these projects will you try?

1. Kitchen cart

Between your toaster, your microwave, your blender, and your coffee machine, counter space can become pretty sparse. This handy kitchen cart made from an upcycled filing cabinet will give you that extra room and storage, and it's great for BBQ season, too. All you need is a large cutting board, some towel racks, spray paint, and two rolling and locking casters. Even if most of your meals are cooked in the microwave, this cart will inspire you to step up your kitchen game.

Τετάρτη 6 Απριλίου 2016

DIY Upcycled Puzzle Map Wall Art

Puzzles can be so fun to put together with friends and family. However, once they are completed, they are either left out on display until one or two pieces go missing, or they are stored away, often never to be put together again. Instead of throwing puzzles away or donating unused puzzles, repurpose them into modern map wall art.

20 Savvy Handmade Industrial Decor Ideas You Can DIY For Your Home

The industrial interior design has picked up quite a lot of popularity during the recent years and if
you are someone whose home is designed in this style or someone who wants to have their home designed in the industrial style, then you probably know what we are talking about. But today, we are not here to show you industrial interior designs. Instead, we are going to show you handmade industrial decor ideas that you can use as inspiration to create your own decorations to add to your industrial home. The designs that we have featured in this collection have all been handmade by people who’ve taken up crafting as their hobby. Most of the ideas that you’ll see below only require a couple of steel pipes and a piece of wood. Enjoy!

Industrial C-Clamp Coat Rack

Τρίτη 5 Απριλίου 2016

DIY Sequin Straw Hat

When it comes to lust-worthy summer items, we’re pretty obsessed with the Eugenia Kim straw hats that have been popping up everywhere! They’re cute and fun and perfect for a day in the sun, but the price tag—well let’s just say it will put a dent in your wallet. Today, we are sharing how to get the look of this DIY sequin straw hat for about $10. Yes, $10! It’s quick, easy and the perfect DIY to try this weekend.

16 Colorful Melted Crayon Crafts You Need To See

If you have some broken crayons at home and you are wondering what to do with them, keep on reading because today we are bringing to you several ideas that you can do with melted crafts. Yes, melting crayons and creating something else out of them can be pretty easy and we hope that the following crafts will get you inspired of what to do with the broken crayons. They can be easily melted in the microwave, in the oven or maybe even with a hair dryer. You can choose to melt them and thus create something out of them, such as candles, some cookie cutter crayons, crayon wands etc. Or you can melt them and use them to decorate pumpkins, rocks etc. Besides these, you can also create some interesting wall art out of melted crayons.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Κυριακή 3 Απριλίου 2016

How to Make an Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

Crocheting with plastic yarn, or “plarn,” is a fun way to repurpose plastic bags and create a reusable alternative that is durable and even recyclable! This sweet tote is a great project for beginning and experienced crocheters alike. Once you’re comfortable with chaining, single crochet stitch, slip stitch, half double, and double crochet stitches, you’re ready to get started!

How to Make Ombre Donuts That Are Insanely Instagram-able

Thinking about veering from the traditional wedding cake and going with a dessert table? Let us inspire you :) Donuts are on trend right now, but frying them at home can be intimidating, so we’re going to make an easier (and slightly healthier) baked version. They’re the perfect addition to a dessert bar and can be made ahead of time for your DIY wedding. These mini vanilla white chocolate cake donuts can be left minimal and elegant with soft pastel tones and edible flowers, or you can fancy them up with bright icing, sprinkles and chocolate coated pretzels. The color combinations and decorating possibilities are endless and easily customizable for any event.

Παρασκευή 1 Απριλίου 2016

DIY Shower Plant Hanger

We're officially obsessed with indoor gardening and plants in general. We needed plants in every single room, so we built a jungle in the bathroom. It took us less than an hour to build and was easy to hang from the ceiling. Make your own 'raining' plant hanger using our guide below!

Glue gun wall art

You can use a glue gun for various projects, but here's a way to use a glue gun to make colorful wall art - and you can make any design you like.

DIY Cute Mini Doll with Wire

Today we are going to feature a cute mini doll with wire for girls room decoration, using fabric scraps or socks. This doll is easy to make by twisting the wire into a doll shape and wrap with yarn, then make a cute outfit (or as many outfits you like for a change) for her.