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10 Ways to Repurpose Plastic Easter Eggs

Easter wouldn't be the same without these colorful plastic baubles, but what do you do with them after the holiday? We have 10 ways to repurpose them, so you don't have to toss them in the trash.

Springtime String Lights

Drill small holes into the tops of plastic egg halves, and insert a string light into each one. Glue ball fringe or ribbon in spring colors to make a garland you can hang all season long.

10 Simple Home Decor DIYs That Will Make Your Life Easier

When you decide to make something for your home decor yourself, it’s not always just about the looks. Some DIYs are really quite useful, so much so that they can make your life easier. Even if they just save you some money. So today we’ve decided to give you a few simple ideas for DIY projects that will make your home life just a little bit easier.

5-Board End Table

This 5-board end table is really easy to make, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a handyman (or handywoman). You’ll save a lot of money on a must-have furniture piece.

DIY Silly Hungry Fish Cup Game

This Silly Hungry Fish Cup Game can be made with simple materials you probably already have on hand and is a winner with kids every time! It''s a fun party game or a quick activity when you need something delightful to entertain the kids. The free printable included makes it easy to personalize your fish!

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Fanstastic Ways To Repurpose Hose In Your Home And Yard

The old and broken hose can be reused in so many different ways, so check out these designs that can save you lots of money and they are a great way to express your creativity and imagination. Do you already have some ideas in mind? If not, scroll down and saw the best ones that we have collected here. Nobody can resist the interesting designs, and that you are going to recreate some of them as soon as possible!

DIY Garden Pots Decoration Ideas that’ll Blow your Mind

Do you have pots? Used or unused, old or new? If yes then these 15 DIY Garden Pots Decoration Ideas are made for you. Most of these ideas will sway your mind in wonder, I swear.

1. Mosaic Pot

Mosaic art is popular, so why not implement it to make an exquisite mosaic pot. You’ll need a terracotta pot, vase filler chips (easily available everywhere), alternatively use pot shard or broken tile pieces. You’ll also need glue and spray paint. First step is to paint the pot in your favorite color and leave it to dry. In second step, lie the pot and glue chips or shards one by one. Now, after this paste the chips on other side of pot too.

IKEA Hacks for your DIY Wedding

There's no match for the ingenuity of a creative bride with a tiny budget. That's when you get brilliant solutions, like the ten included in this post that use common IKEA marketplace finds to create beautiful DIY wedding details.

TOLSBY frame

These tiny plastic frames are a bargain and can be used all over the wedding to share messages, or above without a paper insert or, you know, photos.

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16 DIY Bar Carts To Upcycle Your Old Stuff in Style

Whether you're an expert craftsman, an entertaining hobbyist or someone just looking to upcycle their old furniture, there's nothing like turning something old into something new. Instead of sending those old family heirlooms to the thrift store or putting them on the curb, use your imagination and turn those old trinkets into something useful. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a bar cart to kick it Mad Men style, turn that old furniture in your parents' garage into a bar cart for the ages.

1. The Piano Bar

With a few plates of glass and a new coat of paint, you can turn that old piano you promised your parents you'd learn to play as a kid into the classiest thing in your place as an adult.

Completely FREE DIY Easter Garland

There is nothing better than free, am I right? You say the word free and people immediately get excited, no matter what it is. Well, what if I told you that you can make an Easter garland for completely free? Okay, well let me preface the “free” part by saying that it’s free if you already have twine, which most everybody does, especially if you do any kind of crafts. You don’t really even need to use twine, you can use any kind of string, but I love twine, so that’s what I decided to use.

Δευτέρα 21 Μαρτίου 2016

14 Outdoor Pallet Furniture for Spring

While pallet furniture might be an OG in the DIY world, there are still *plenty* of reasons why people can’t get enough of it for all their outdoor lounging and entertaining needs. This super versatile and cheap-to-come-by material looks great on any patio, tiny balcony or backyard lawn and can be made into a modern statement-maker with the right paint colors, textures and designs.

1. DIY Rustic Chic Outdoor Seating

You’ll elevate your backyard decor game big time with this rustic ensemble. Layer the pallets, then add comfy white cushions, geometric throw pillows and a curtain to tie the whole look together. A getaway in the privacy of your own home? Perfect.

Easter M&M’s® Cookie Bars + DIY Mini Easter Basket Idea

These Easter M&M’s® Cookie Bars are quick and easy to make and they are the perfect take along dessert idea for Easter! I make them for just about every occasion using the various M&M’s® holiday colored candies. They taste absolutely amazing and if the pan lasts more than a day in your house then you’ve got me beat!

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18 Easy Tricks to Create the Most Beautiful Easter Eggs You’ve Ever Seen

Decorating Easter eggs is one of our favorite springtime traditions, but we have to admit that buying the same kit and dying them the same basic colors year after year can get a little boring. This year, we want to do something a little more special and a little more lovely, and we found the perfect start in this list of ideas. It inspired us to round up our favorite ideas, tips and tricks for creating the most gorgeous eggs we’ve ever seen. These go beyond basic basket décor to decorations that make your home extra Easter festive. Check them out and pick some to try this year!

Rubber Band Stripes

Make use of all those rubber bands floating around your home! This super-easy trick can be used to create all kinds of crazy geometric patterns.

Pallet Bike Rack

Besides of building furniture, there are bundles of unique pallet projects that create a better outdoor for you like home decking, porch wooden flooring, building garden walkways and fencing! One of the highly unique uses of pallets is to build this DIY reclaimed pallet bike rack, a super easy solution to securely park your bicycles! Just get a few of pallet boards with enough spacing between their top deck boards to fit a front wheel of your bicycle inside of it!

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7 Totally Easy Wedding DIYs You Need to Try for Your Big Day

Looking for the perfect favor for your guests, but not looking to spend a pretty penny? Fret not – we’ve found 7 of the best DIY options that your guests will love, almost as much as you’ll love making them.

1. Sweet Succulents.

Pop these sweet little greens in cute pots (or Mason jars!) for table decor your guests can take home.


My kids are getting to an age where I think it’s high time they learned to tie a shoelace. The funny thing is that although they are now big girls at the ages of 6 and 7 they have never owned a pair of shoes with laces so they have never had to learn how to tie them. I decided to remedy this with my own DIY shoe lacing cards. They didn’t take long to make and have the added advantage of helping kids learn how to thread the laces through the holes. With the help of her new shoe lacing card miss 6 was able to tie a bow in no time! Here is how you can make one too:

29 Cool DIY Outdoor Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter is the most popular Christian holiday of the year, so there is no reason to not give your holiday home a nice decor. Besides decorating the interior of your home for Easter, also you can not ignore the outside of your home, because you want your guests, even before they have passed a beautiful outdoor decorating your home. Decorate your home’s outdoor in the Easter spirit is not difficult. Fresh blossoming flowers, cute tiny rabbits and carrots and well painted eggs…during this season, there are endless fresh decorations you can use to light up your holiday outdoor.

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Fantastic DIY Ways To Repurpose Kids Wagon

As kids grow up, we end up having tons of toys and we are wondering what to do with them. Some of the toys can be reused in so many functional and practical ways, and one of them is the wagon. You have probably never imagined that they can be put to a really good use in the house. Do you already have some ideas in mind after thinking about the possibilities? Scroll down through the photos below and see what we have got for you! You are going to be amazed, believe me!

The wagon will work great as a decorative element which also serves as a storage option in your kids room. They would love to be seeing it day by day even after they grow up. It will remind them of happy times and fun moments!

7 Easy DiY Easter Crafts For Kids

Are you already in the mood for Easter? If you’re looking for some adorable Easter craft ideas, here are 7 easy, adorable and colourful projects for you. From Bunny Treat Cones to Marbled Indigo Eggs, I’m sure these crafts will like your family and friends.Easter and kids are synonymous with bunnies, chicks, eggs and so many craft projects. All kinds of materials can be turned into craft …let your imagination run free! Hope that you’ll find these crafts useful and that they’ll inspire you.

Easter Bunny Treat Cones. 


This traditional Italian pastry is similar to a doughnut and is filled with a rich vanilla cream.

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How to make a Pallet Fence

A lot of people love gardening especially when it is their own home. They desire to build a garden where they can spend time gardening their own vegetables or flowers. It is obvious that to set that aside in the corner of the house you would need a fence so why not a pallet fence? It is a great idea to make a pallet fence and you can also paint it with any color you desire. It is not complicated at all to make a pallet fence; instead we would say this is the easiest thing you can build out of the pallets.

11 DIY Easter decorations for your home

Whether you're trying to make your house more festive for Easter or you're decorating for a holiday-themed party or brunch, we found 11 DIY crafts that are just as fun as they are pretty! Below, get inspired by some of the most creative ones we've seen on the web.

1. Easter tree

Christmas isn't the only time you can decorate a tree. Faux dogwood flower branches adorned with pretty egg ornaments for a festive holiday centerpiece.

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Awesome Ways to Repurpose Hangers Right Now

You will be surprise when you see how many interesting projects can be made out of wooden hangers. All of them are inventive and really creative and we know that you will like them all.

Jewelry Holder to Organize Your Necklaces and Bracelets 

You can make a beautiful accessory organizer out of wooden holder. This is a very interesting way to keep your jewelry organized on the wall, don’t you think?

DIY Easter Wall Art

Here’s a different way to lure the Easter bunny this year! Make a collection of paper poptastic collages in frames (or even cardboard frames as used here) with your child to add festive flavour to your home this Easter.

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20 Easy and Effective DIY Tricks for Gardening

As soon as spring came you probably realized that your garden requires some attention. We want to share a few tricks to help you grow your own healthy and interesting looking vegetables. Here are a few DIY tricks that can help you have a beautiful garden: If you don’t like how your rain gutter looks like then you should know that you can easily hide it by using a metal support for flowers. Stop struggling to slice your cucumbers or other vegetables in different shapes. If you use a plastic mould you can grow vegetables and fruits in any shape you want. Just take a look at the pictures bellow. Those pears are amazing! Since the rest of the images are quite easy to comprehend we will let you examine them and decide which of the DIY ideas you will adopt and adapt to your needs.

1. Make eggshell seedling pots to sprout your garden for less.

DIY Makeup Magnet Board

Are you sick of shuffling around your makeup drawer? When my good friend and fellow Beauty Shayna L. lamented on her jumbled beauty collection, we decided to de-clutter her cosmetic chaos and get a little crafty. This magnet board is surprisingly easy to make and really fun.

DIY Easter Basket

Do you remember what it was like to wake up on Easter morning to a basket filled with chocolaty surprises? Growing up we always had the most wonderful homemade Easter baskets that my mother made for us.  What I loved most is that you couldn’t find them in a store, and not a single other friend of mine had the same one.  Those little baskets are still put out every year at my mom’s house, still holding up strong, and they’re filled with decades of memories.  Needless to say I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this little family tradition, but it’s just too wonderful not to.  All the credit goes to my cute little mom and her crafty little self.  Happy Easter everyone!