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Recycle Old Glass Jars

We bet you all have glass jars at your home, and you are wondering what you could do with them. If you thought that they can’t be used anymore, you are totally wrong. In fact, some creative minds have found totally new purposes of them. In this post we have collected only The Best Ways To Recycle The Old Glass Jars and you are going to love every single one of them. Check out the photos below and put that creativity to work. Decorate your house with the amazing jars. They are both aesthetically pleasant to the eye and super functional!

DIY Pineapple Pinecone Ornaments

What about a project for those of you who are feeling the winter blues and wishing that summer wasn’t over?! Don’t worry — we haven’t forgotten about you. These pineapple tree ornaments made out of pine cones (so fun!) are perfect to bring a little bit of that tropical weather to your holiday decor. Now all you need is a beach chair and an ice cold drink!

DIY Swirl Paint Glass Ornaments

The holiday are a great time to make thoughtful homemade gifts for the people you care about. Make these DIY Swirl Paint Glass Ornaments for family and friends, and they will love them!

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5 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations

If you have a knack for DIYs, if holidays are your cup of tea and fall is right up your alley, you’re the perfect candidate for these easy Thanksgiving table decorations. We’ve kept our list short and sweet, with projects that are bound to win over both adults and kids. Most of our hand-picked suggestions are really inexpensive. But if you feel you don’t want to buy any of the supplies mentioned below, feel free to be creative and substitute some of the materials with something you already have lying around.

Eclectic fall table centerpiece

DIY String Gardens

Growing miniature eco systems, known as string gardens, is the latest trend in gardening and home decoration. It’s similar to Japanese Kokedama, which means moss ball, a style of Japanese bonsai that takes presentational aesthetics outside of the box by allowing the plants grow in a ball of soil held together by moss and string. String gardens take this Japanese tradition a step further by suspending these little green worlds in the air and they’re a great way to bring the outdoors inside of your apartment.

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8 DIY Ideas for Your Perfect Thanksgiving Table Setting

Out with the old, and in with the new! Who says you have to stick with the traditional Thanksgiving Centerpiece you grew up staring at? Check out these 7 DIY Ideas for a Modern Thanksgiving Table Setting to better fit your personality and make this Thanksgiving yours.

1. Rustic Tablescape

Use salvaged woods scraps and mason jars with candles to create gorgeous rustic table settings. For an added bonus, try adding hints of lace here and there.

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Upcycle Old Car Parts Into The Most Creative Projects

These old car parts have been upcycled into some of the most phenomenal and creative DIY projects we have ever seen! When we made the wheel rim fire pit to add to our other patio decor, it got us thinking about more projects and crafts to make from old car parts. We were astounded to find awesome DIY decor, upcycled furniture ideas, and projects that will go perfectly in the backyard.

1. Wheel Rim Fire Pit

7 DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations for Kids

These crafts are a fun way to get your kids involved with Turkey Day prep. When you’re done making them together, ask them to help set the table too.

Mayflower Crayon Holder

Keep the kids occupied at the table by putting down some paper placemats and supplying crayons for a drawing activity. These crayon boat holders are Thanksgiving-appropriate (they’re not-quite-exact replicas of the Mayflower) and they’ll keep the table from becoming overrun.

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18 DIY Wedding Decorations on a Budget

Getting married on a limited budget can be extremely stressful. With the rise in prices of services, you need to be able to improvise and get creative for things like DIY wedding flowers and centerpieces. You can organize an entire wedding, without overspending or breaking the bank - here's some ideas to show you how!

1) Novel Guestbook

Ask guests to take their own pictures and send to you after the wedding or maybe it would be fun to ask two good friends to be your unofficial photographers. Depending on your camera, if you look online you can get deals for film to keep your costs right down.

Full of Thanks & Giving DIY Wall Hanging

We absolutely love everything about Thanksgiving: the food, the friends, the family, the love! We saw a large plaque with this sentiment of gratitude and just had to make it. Hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving DIY wall hanging tutorial and have a great holiday!

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DIY Festive Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

This holiday season, deck your walls with this fun and whimsical take on a traditional Christmas tree. It adds warmth and texture to an empty wall, and it's a festive alternative to an actual tree for small spaces. Made from a simple drop cloth, this wall hanging will bring joy and good cheer to your home year after year.

DIY Natural Wood Chair

For those who like laying back in the garden and leaning against a sturdy tree or bush while quietly reading a book, this grow-it-yourself natural wood furniture concept might readily take root in your imagination. Best of all, you can watch while your favorite new seat grows right up from the ground in your own backyard or from a pot on the patio or porch.

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DIY Log Cabin Place Cards

There’s something charming about Popsicle stick crafts – even more so when you use miniature Popsicle sticks! The roof of these log cabin-inspired structures is the perfect size for a place card. They would also be cute for decorating a shelf or a mantel. The smoke coming out the chimney adds the perfect touch of whimsy.

Amazing DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Christmas

Just the idea of knowing that someone cares and loves us is enough to put a little effort into building a gift that’s is really special, all by yourself. When it comes to Christmas and DIY gifts, Mason Jars can never fail to help you craft a gorgeous, elegant and adorable present. To back the statement even better, we present you these Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Christmas to add that unforgettable charm to your festival.

1. Peppermint Crunch Dark Chocolate Cookie Mix in a Jar

Are you looking for a great Christmas Gift that adds a touch of unforgettable sweetness to your affection? Here is the perfect homemade gift that’s not only delectable, but is an amazing way to please every chocolate or cookie lover in your life this season.

2. Mommy Survival Kit in a Jar

This holiday, make all those moms out there taking care of the kids a little happier with this Mommy Survival Kit packed in a mason jar, adorably holding some sweets, an under-eye cream, a mascara and a few lovely things that are must-have around kids.

3. Peppermint Sugar Scrub In a Jar

If you have got a special one who absolutely loves their skin, there’s no better gift for them than this Peppermint Sugar Scrub in a Jar, wrapped with a lovely bow and a cute label, letting them scrub and exfoliate their skin with an essence of soothing peppermint.

4. Mason Jar Play dough Snowman

Housing balls of fun-filled play dough made with just a couple of ingredients, and flaunting adorable snowmen created with a few easily available supplies, these snowman play dough jars are a wonderful DIY gift that’s definite to liven up the festival for the kids.

5. Girls Weekend Gift in a Mason Jar

A super simple-to-build, yet an amazing gift for all the special girls in your life, this mason jar hold lots of fun goodies to make their travelling easier, while the funky pair of Pajamas wrapped around the gift are perfect to flaunt with your group on a holiday weekend.

6. {Everything} In A Jar

Assemble handmade gifts personalized for each and every one on your list gathering some wonderful little items and storing them in a beautifully labeled jar. Whether you are looking for jars full of refreshments, pampering stuff or energy goodies, this guide bundles it all.

7. DIY Hand Soap Gift

Using a bar soap and some glycerine, you can whip up your very own DIY Hand Soap with just a little bit of effort, which makes an exceptionally cute gift for the holiday season when packed in an elegantly decorated mason jar, as guided by the below tutorial.

8. DIY : Gift Card Snow Globe

Add a twist to the traditional concept of gift cards with this DIY Snow Globe full of shimmery floating snow that holds your card beautifully. Perfect for Christmas, even your kids can put together this gift in just ten minutes with supplies already kicking around the house.

9. Santa Gift in a Jar

What can be better for Christmas than a present that can work as a tribute to Santa? Here is a gorgeous handmade gift that has got Santa’s hat on top, while being wrapped in the middle with Santa’s belt. No matter what you fill it with, it’s simply unbeatable.

10. Detox Bath in a Jar

A Detox Bath mix stuffed in a cute mason jar, decorated with a piece of twine and a gift tag that guides your loved ones about how to use it can not only make a marvelous Christmas gift, but can also take some really good care of their health with it’s beneficial effects.

11. DIY Christmas Gift for Teachers

A handmade gift that’s not only beautiful, but also exceptionally delicious can never fail to make a lovely impression on the teachers. With this mason jar Santa cake, let your kids whip up a delightful dessert themselves and gift it to their teachers for this Christmas.

12. DIY Beginner Sewing Kit Gift

 Is someone on your gifting list turning to the great world of sewing? This DIY present that has got everything they need to begin with sewing can work wonders when it comes to making them happy, while reminding them of you every time they indulge in their hobby.

13. Winter Survival Kit In a Jar

Bring some comfort to your friends and family this winter season with a Christmas gift that has got a bunch of essential winter items packed in a jar to help their feet, hands and lips during the chilly months. Make it even better with a gift tag and some hot chocolate.

14. DIY Book Page Mason Jar Candle Holders

Those who are fond of books, will fall in love with these Mason Jar Candle holders that are lined and decorated with a page of a book. This DIY gift is extremely easy and quick to put together, while being equally beautiful when used to light up Christmas.

15. Christmas Potpourri in a Jar

Serve some delicious Christmas Potpourri to your loved ones, but this time, in the form of a DIY mason jar present decorated with a gorgeous lid and ribbons. This one doesn’t need much time and effort to pull off, but can make some really fond memories.

16. Unique Gifts in a Jar

Put together five unique gifts in jars, personalized according to the specific interests of your loved ones, whether it’s baking, drawing, crafts, or pampering themselves, while a special gift for those who can’t celebrate the season with you.

17. Home Baked Holidays: Easiest Gift Ever

Make delightful cinnamon sugar popcorns at home with your kids and put them all in a huge mason jar decorated with ribbons and adorable labels to bring an inexpensive gift idea to life for Christmas, that’s super easy and delicious at the same time.

18. Homemade Laundry Agent in a Jar

Whipped up using no more than four ingredients, this Homemade Laundry Agent in a jar is the perfect cute little thing to gift someone during the Christmas season. The gift tag held with a grungy clothespin and a twine makes it even more pretty when it comes to adding some charm to the DIY gifting.

19. DIY : Simple and Chic Housewarming Gift

Struggling to figure out what to gift your friends who have just moved to a new house? A 10 gallon jar filled with goodies for the whole family, along with some great cleaning products resting on the top of beautiful bright red shredded paper, make an adorable gift that will be a sure-shot pleasure when presented at a Christmas get-together.

20. Ice Skating  In A Jar

What can be better than an ice skating date in the lovely weather that surrounds the Christmas season? But, putting the whole concept of that date in a jar and filling it with gloves, powdered mocha mix, lip balm and chocolates to whip up a homemade gift can make things even more memorable and love-filled.

21. Secret Santa Cookie Deliveries

Prepare some utterly yummy cookies reflecting the adorable face of Santa for your friends and deliver them at their doorsteps packed in a gorgeous mason jar decorated with sweet little Christmas momentos. Let them think that Santa has delivered those presents secretly to make their season magical.

22. Let It Snow : DIY Snow Globe

Here is a DIY gift that’s absolutely worth dying for! Celebrate the snowfalls during Christmas with this gift that captures amazing, little snow flurries in a globe, that’s actually a lovely mason jar. You don’t need more than five supplies and a handful of steps to bring this to life.

23. Fairy Jar Tutorial : DIY

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of the day, no matter what’s the occasion, a couple of colorful, glowing lights never fails to make a mark. But, these DIY Fairy Jars made with some glitter and glow sticks can make the idea even more exquisite, while being a supercool gift for Christmas.

24. DIY Pampering Gifts : Gifts for Busy Women

Here is a DIY mason jar gift that has got a lovely tagged and ribboned jar filled with all the nitty gritty items that can create an all new pampering world for all those busy women of your life. Creating this Christmas gift is truly simple and inspiring, as showcased in the below guide.

25. Spa and Pampering in a Jar

If you are wanting to make an adorable, purposeful and budget-friendly gift for someone, this Spa and Pampering in a Jar is all you need this festive month.

26. Santa Mason Jar Christmas Gift

Have some delectable little sweets that reflect the color most associated with Christmas at its best fill up a mason jar to create the ultimate gift for the kids when the festive season hits. These jars with their sweet tags and yummy candies can truly steal the show at a surprisingly little cost.

27. Cake Batter Snickerdoodles Gift

Whipping up an exceptionally delectable dessert and turning it into an equally winsome Christmas gift is a more than perfect idea to celebrate the essence of the season. These Cake Batter Snickerdoodles that you can make with just 5 ingredients can work wonders when packed in a mason jar.

28. Hey, Hey Good Lookin!

Brew up a lovely impact on your Christmas gifting with this present bundle that’s surprisingly easy-to-make. Having yummy, fat-free licorice packed in a lovely mason jar that flaunts an awesome tag with a written message, this gift collection has got a few DIY creations that perfectly complement the jar.

29. Old Mason Jar Card Holder

 Hide your precious and secret gift card in a mason jar that’s full of bright, little fake snow. This DIY Old Mason Jar Card Holder is perfect to present for Christmas, to someone you want to convey a message of your heart without letting anyone else know what’s hidden inside.

30. Snowman Mason Jar Craft Idea

A mason jar filled with your loved ones’ favorite Christmas candies, decorated with cute embellishments and a Snowman tag, when gifted to them is simple unmatchable in terms of it’s cuteness, as well as sweetness.

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24 Fun DIY Projects to Reuse Empty Beer Bottles

You might need some DIY ideas for all of those beer bottles that are hogging space in recycling bins. Instead of disposing of your next empty bottle, consider putting it back to use with one of these fun diy projects. Glass bottles can be re-cycled in so many ways.  For that doesn’t matter if it’s wine bottles ,beer bottles or booze bottles. With a little bit of imagination, bottles can be turned into a number of things that we can actually use. Why throw it away when you can make yourself a beautiful vase, or use it as a flower pot or even make an interesting chandelier.

1) Beer Bottle Candle Holder

Turn Your Napkins into Christmas Trees

Imagine your Christmas dinner table setting, complete with little Christmas trees on each place setting. Learning this fold technique to create Christmas trees from your napkins is sure to make you the hit of the Holiday season. The technique is really easy and you’ll be folding napkins like crazy once you get the hang of it. If you don’t have enough cloth napkins, this could be another way to use up those leftover fabric scraps. Serve these amazing Christmas tree cupcakes and you’ll really be the Queen of the Holidays.

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Awesome DIY String Light Ideas

Christmas lights are not just for the holidays. If you have not seen amazing string light ideas for DIY room decor, you have to check these projects out! Crafts and ideas to fit anyone’s budget, you are sure to find the perfect awesome lighting idea for your home, dorm or apartment here.String lights are so versatile, definitely not just for Christmas anymore. Super easy projects to do at home, you can easily add creative DIY flair to your room in no time. Perfect for teen bedrooms, too! Make a statement with one or more of these ultra cool DIY lighting ideas.

Firefly Mason Jar Lights