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16 DIY Crafts For Your Old Vinyl

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If you are a music friend, you buy loads of vinyl from thrift stores and yard sales. And if you're silly, you don't even have a record player to play said vinyl.Are these practices sensible? No. But can you stop? Also no. However, these senseless ways may have paid off because vinyl has far more use than to simply play music. DIY vinyl crafts can add a lot of charm to your house and when people compliment you on your amazing design skills, you can impress them further when you say that you made it yourself. Most of these 16 vinyl DIYs are not nearly as hard as they look. You can do it. We believe in you. Now get to your vinyl-ing.

1. This vinyl table is the absolute perfect size for next to your bed or next to a couch.

2. This is what you bring to your next music festival.

3. And to hold all of your other records, what better way than with more records?

4. If you love baking and you love music, this is a must.

5. Cheetos taste a thousand times better when they're eaten from vinyl.

6. Get your fashion on with record bracelets.

7. With a vinyl dream catcher, you will never have another nightmare again.

8. One way to guarantee that your child will love music–make a mobile!

9. Keep this on your desk and never misplace important papers again.

10. Have an entire vinyl themed desk with this utensil organizer.

11. Keep your priorities straight and create a great wine rack.

12. Or make a trendy lamp.

13. There is nothing worse than losing the business card of an important contact. Keep your cards in check with a vinyl organizer.

14. Enshrine your favorite photos in a record picture frame.

15. Vinyl placemats are my exact idea of a formal dinner.

16. Organize your earrings in a record by poking tiny holes for the ends of the earring.

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