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DIY Dalmatian Fabric Wallpaper

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Need a budget friendly way to dress your walls? Can't paint or wallpaper because you are in a rental? We've got the solution! Add fabric in your favorite print to your wall like wallpaper in a few easy steps.

Here's what you'll need:
- Liquid Fabric Starch
- Paint Tray & Roller
- Fabric
- Exacto Knife
- Level
- Scissors
- Push Pins

Start by determining how much fabric you are going to need. Fabric widths will vary based on type of fabric, this particular fabric was a crafting and quilting fabric so the width was approximately 43" wide. You will want to trim off the selvage edge of the fabric and allow about 1/2" edge for any shrinkage.

Roll some liquid starch onto the walls and position the first piece, having a second set of hands helped tremendously when hanging the fabric. Push pins were also used to hold the fabric up while we rolling the starch to the front side of the fabric. Make sure to saturate the fabric. Once the first piece was up we waited for it to dry a bit to allow for any shrinking before starting the second piece.

For the second piece, there was not a listed repeat so we tried to get it as close as possible. Since this was a smaller random pattern it was not as noticeable. We over lapped the edges just a little bit and once it dried you  could barely see the seam. Do not trim off the excess yet, you will want it to dry completely before doing so. We only had to trim the bottom and sides since we were putting trim at the top.

Once all of the fabric was dry, we used a level, straight edge and exact knife to trim off any excess fabric.

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