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Recycled T-Shirt Bag

If you love to go to farmer’s markets, but hate the waste that comes from the plastic and paper bags they send you home with, here’s a recycled DIY project that will solve your problem.

How to build a compost bin

Make a compost bin to achieve the satisfaction of turning kitchen and garden waste, into rich, crumbly compost. This will make your plants and crops thrive - so keep them, and your local landfill site, happy.

40 Amazing DIY Mosaic Projects

Mosaic can be any picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material like stones, tiles or glass. DIY Mosaic is fun to do and can be really impressive for a handmade project. Mosaic has also been produced with brilliance by recycling old CDs, paper, beans, seeds, egg shells and so much more.

Tile tree mosaic

DIY Wedding Wax Paper Lanterns

We loved these great luminaria so much that we wanted to share them with you here, too! They are so budget friendly and easy to do, and create such a nice ambiance! You don’t need to think of yourself as crafty to whip up these lanterns. If you know how to measure, cut, and iron, you can make these. And you should!

12 Easy DIY Playhouses

Our kiddos actually couldn’t care less if their playhouses are made of blankets, cardboard or twigs. They just want a hideout to decorate, play in and, yes, eventually destroy. Whether you’re looking for something to tuck in the corner of your living room or you want to build the coolest outdoor fort ever, these DIY playhouses will keep those little imaginations entertained for hours.

1. Collapsible House: Make this darling house out of cardboard or foam board. The white foam board is especially appealing because you can decorate it anyway you (or the kids) want. Obviously a foam house won’t last forever, but the pattern is simple enough that you can use it again to make the house out of something more durable like masonite or even wood.

DIY Map Envelopes

Something quick and easy for you to make this weekend if you have a spare moment. This is perfect for those of you dreaming of your next destination!

19 DIY Wood Projects

Working with wood can be so difficult, but this week we have plenty of unique creations and ideas that used wood in all sorts of unique ways!

DIY Wall Art

10 Simple DIY Tutus For Your Little Ballerinas

This post is dedicated for the ones that want to satisfy their little ballerinas! We have an amazing idea for you. Instead of buying expensive tutus and ballet dresses, we give you this 10 alternative ways to make one by yourself! There are super easy to make and are so amazingly cute, that you just can’t resist. Every little girl dreams of becoming a ballerina, so no matter if they are going to ballet classes, want to dress like one for some costume party or just want to wear it for fun. Make your little girls happy!

Colorful Ribbon Tutu

27 Cool DIY Projects for Teen Girls

Looking for some cool DIY projects for teen girls? If you want some cool DIY projects to try and share with your friends, then these easy crafts are for you. Get crafting today!

1. Tulle Frame Jewelry Holder

Get all your jewelry organized with this easy to make DIY jewelry holder.

13 DIY Stepping Stones

Backyard renovations are a pretty activity, getting the lawn and deck ready for four months of sun can take a lot of work. A great way to spruce up the space is stepping stones for your garden or pathway. Stepping stones add color and design, and make for a great project with the kids.

1. Squares and flowers