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How to DIY Easy Homemade Calzones

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A calzone is an Italian filled oven bread shaped like a folded pizza. It’s usually half-moon shape, but with homemade version, you can make some variation and try the round shape. Here is an easy way to make calzones with a glass cup. Isn’t that creative? You can choose your favorite ingredients for the stuffing. It’s a great alternative to pizza. Let’s try it!

  • Flour of your choices
  • Tomatoes and other ingredients of your choices
  • Paper towel
  • Rolling pin
  • Glass cup


Make the dough from your favorite flour and cover with wet paper towels and rest for 15 minutes.

Make two sheets of pie crust and place slices of tomatoes on one of the pie crusts.

Place your favorite ingredients on the tomato slices: cheese, cream cheese, herbs, onion, salt, pepper, etc.

Place the other sheet of pie crust on top and seal the edge.

Use a glass cup to cut out the round calzones. Make sure each calzone is tightly sealed at the edge.

Bake at 375 F until brown and serve with your favorite sauce.

 via  icreativeideas

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