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30 Ways to DIY Sliced Wood

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Are you ready to try your hand with sliced wood? It’s one of the best ways to add a little Forest Glam to your home and garden decor. But don’t go choppin’ down the neighbor’s tree – ’cause you’ll be busted next time you have them over for a dinner party and they admire your new-natural-tree-coat-rack in the entry way…which looks suspiciously like their missing birch!  If you find yourself the lucky owner of a mother load of wood slices, we’ve collected over 30 inspirational ideas to get you going!



Guest book

Wall art

Wedding invitations

 Serving tray


Frames for air plants

Wood slice wall - notice the longer slices used as hooks

Coat hanger

Ball decor


Painted wood slice art

End table

Inlaid table runner

Mirror frame

Painted art

Wood slice wall

DIY side table with branch slices

Flower vase

 Sliced wood message


Plate chargers

Cake stand

Cupcake stand


Cake pop holder

Table number


Wood slice wall art

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