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20 D.I.Y Spool Hacks

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The round wooden industrial cable spool is the curvacious cousin of the mega-popular pallet .We´ve gathered some inspirational cable spool coffee table hack and upcycling ideas below. Just like with pallet hacks, required effort D.I.Y is minimal. It´s the small touches and the setting that makes the look, making this hack idea very versatile and flexible. So have a peek below and get those hack juices flowing.

Industrial Rustic

Some ideas should you be so lucky to come across a vintage cable spool.

Modern polish with an edge

Love the contrast of when a shabby cable reel is given a top coat of of shiny sleek stainless steel.


Splashing on white paint and adding castors leaves spools fresh looking & ready for any kind of decor backdrop.


Add some wheels and wood sticks for support and you´ve got yourself a bookmobile.
The diameter of a spool makes it perfect for book storage.

Pimped with rope

Tie some rope around the waist of the spool to add some tactile cosyness.


Grab your some padding, a piece of fabric and a stapler to acheive this look & stool function.

No fuss plain

The no-fuss look is perfect for messy spaces like kids´rooms.

And some oddballs

Some odd ideas that might inspire some of you!

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