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15 Ikea Hacks That Will Breathe New Life Into Your Old Furniture

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So you bought a bunch of Ikea furniture back in college, or you found some at a yard sale and can't quite figure out how to take advantage of the great deal you scored. Well you're in luck, because we have a list of hacks that should help inspire you to DIY greatness.

You don't necessarily have to be the most handy person to pull off the majority of these tutorials, but a bit of patience could go a long way in helping you take your home from cliché to couture.

1. The TARVA Ice Chest - DIY Beer Cooler

2. Ikea Headboard Stickwood Hack

3. Turn a cheap Ikea wooden slat bed frame into a cool desk

4. Turn a boring shelving unit into an amazing bookcase/entertainment stand with a sliding barn door

5. Create homemade terrariums from Ikea glass storage containers

6. Turn this basic Ikea mirror into a vintage-looking mirror door

7. Use Ikea rugs as covers for pillows. This is a great way to repurpose rugs and bring life to old pillows

8. Make a Lego table that even adults would want

9. This DIY standing desk using Ikea items is a clear winner

10. This Ikea-based rope bridge shelf is amazing, there are so many ways you could use this in your home

11. Turn the normal 5x5 Expedit shelving unit into an incredible home for your hamster!

12. If this doesn't show you how creative people can be with simple items from Ikea

13. Turn a few Frosta stools into a really neat and unique shelving unit

14. Those old bookcases from earlier in life can be turned sideways and made into all kinds of new furniture

15. Cats in a triple bunk bed. Ideas like this break the internet

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