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How to Print Pictures on Wood

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to try making something but it involved transferring a photo onto wood so I did a little research.  Most of the tutorials I came across involved a few specialty materials  like matte gel and the backing paper of printer labels.  I didn’t have any printer label paper handy and don’t even know what matte gel is.So I found a cheaper (don’t have to buy anything) and simpler solution. All you need is a regular inkjet printer and regular waxed paper.It was the perfect solution and it works GREAT.

DIY Lego Magnets

These DIY Lego magnets would have to be one of the easiest crafts we’ve ever done. A few Lego bricks, some hot glue, a couple of magnets and voila! Instant color and fun for the fridge. They’ve been a huge hit with the little Lego fan in our family.

36 Recycled Scrap Metal Into Furniture Project Ideas

Many times certain pieces or parts of machinery, cars, tools, frames, and other items get old, worn out, or used up. These parts and pieces often go to the landfill or a metal recycling facility. Instead of throwing them away, people take these parts and recycle them into wonderful works of art. These awesome ideas can be implemented just about anywhere in your home using your creativity.

Wood saw coat hangar 

Neon Color Blocked Shoes

These neon color blocked shoes are perfect for a bright, modern wedding. They’re also super easy to make!

DIY Pallet Bar

DIY projects are always a lot of fun. Not only do you save money, but you will also get to add your own personal touches to the project. They can also be a great conversation starter! Today, we will show you how to create your own personal Pallet Bar for your garden.

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How To Make a Chandelier From Old Wine Bottles

Use upcycled wine bottles to create a custom chandelier packed with Tuscan style for a wine cellar, kitchen, bar or dining room.

20 Things You Can Do With Those Old Tea Bags

You know how great tea is for your health, but do you have any idea how great used tea bags are for your home and garden? Bring new purpose to used tea bags with these genius hacks below:
Insider's info: it's the tannins in tea that make all of this possible.

1. Rust-proof your cookware.

Your How-To: Simply rub your cookware with a used tea bag, making sure every inch of the surface is covered.

14 DIY Hair-Saving Masks To Try At Home

DIY projects are fun–especially when it comes to hair care. From masks to one-ingredient remedies to fix common hair woes, we've got your most common concerns covered. Whip up one of these hair care solutions for an easy and seriously healthy hair and scalp treatment.

1. Creamy Avocado Hair Mask

Moss Graffiti

The latest craze in urban street art? It’s moss graffiti! Go Green! Save the planet from toxic paint spray chemicals. Use this environmentally friendly medium for artistic expression. I was skeptical at first; but when I saw the creative designs, I was floored!

15 Ikea Hacks That Will Breathe New Life Into Your Old Furniture

So you bought a bunch of Ikea furniture back in college, or you found some at a yard sale and can't quite figure out how to take advantage of the great deal you scored. Well you're in luck, because we have a list of hacks that should help inspire you to DIY greatness.

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again

Not everyone can have a vegetable garden. Space, weather, lack of yard, etc. Lame! Everyone should have the chance to try their hand at growing something.Worry not my friends! Here are some vegetables you can grow inside and it’s amazingly easy because you will be growing them from the scraps of other veggies! Sounds fun and can’t wait to try it out. Bonus!these would make a terrific science experiment for the kids too.


Plastic Egg Glow Bugs

Remember when you were a kid how magical it was when the summer sun finally set at the end of the day and the fireflies came out and you never wanted to come inside even though your older sister told you your house was built on a graveyard and the zombies would come out at night? Well, here's a super quick craft to help your kids feel a little bit of that magic.

Feathers and Bling: A Wedding Fascinator

Oftentimes, when the words “wedding” or “bride” are attached to something, the price of that object can skyrocket. Creating this simple feathered fascinator is not only simple, but it’s also easy on the budget. You can create this little bit of hair glamour for under $10!

Color Blocked DIY Easter Eggs in 3 Easy Steps

I love decorating for Easter and Spring in new and fun way!  So today I am sharing these really fun and simple Color Blocked Easter Eggs!  These are simple to make, so simple in fact that my daughter (who is eight) can make these almost on her own!  So grab a few fun supplies and create your own custom color blocked Easter eggs for a little fun and unique spring decor!

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Light Up Your Party with LED Balloons

At your next evening soiree, skip the staples like candles, lanterns, or string lights. You are  the hostess with the mostest, and that means having your guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing from the moment they walk in to the time they leave.

Easy DIY No Sew Dog Jacket

Want to know how to make a dog jacket? I’ve made this tutorial on an easy pet project on how you can make dog jackets for your beloved pets. These custom dog jackets are made from repurposed clothing so I’m sure that you’ll love it! If you’re looking for cheap dog jackets, just make one with this DIY project!

14 Unique and Stylish Cellphone Holders for Home Office

Everywhere we go, we need to bring our cellphones. Cellphones have long been in existence and are very essential for communicating with peers and colleagues. It seems that we can never get our cellphones out of our hands. From time to time, we need to check our emails and messages, that is why, it is important that we have the right tool or accessory for our cellphones. While we are studying or at work, we want to place our cellphones where we can see them and place them in such a way that it is easy to see the display.

Baseball Cellphone Holder

10 Fun Cartoon Character Kids Bedroom Wall Decoration

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to design a bedroom wall is by the use of stickers. Kids are, usually, not very picky when it comes to the placement and position of their wall decoration as long as they see something that makes them happy. What better way to design your kids bedroom than to design it using their favorite cartoon or movie characters?  We have gathered fun Cartoon Character Kid’s Bedroom Decoration to give you some ideas.

Beautiful Disney Princesses Wall Mural

10 Unique Knife Holders for the Kitchen

In the kitchen, having a complete set of knives is a great contribution to your productivity. When you have the right tools for cooking, it is easy to achieve what you really want. By organizing your knives, you can save time and simply grab the one that you need. You can also be sure that they are safe from your children’s reach. We have gathered 10 Unique Knife Holders for the Kitchen.

Aubock Walnut Knife Holder

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Pallet Board World Map

I’ve been obsessed with globes and maps since I was a kid (anyone else steal the maps out of their mom’s National Geographic Magazines? No? Just oddball me?) and this map is amazing!I always see maps at the general merchandise stores and they look good for a second but then I realize just how mass produced they feel. I want something original so this project is perfect!

DIY Tire Tube Seating

We used to use these giant air tubes for floating down the creek as kids… I never would have thought to use them as seating inside. Definitely not recommended for homes with cats.

Easy Scarf Storage

I found this super great trick for how to store/organize more scarfs into a closet. All you need to do is buy a pack of snap together plastic shower rings and loop them over a hanger.

Weave a Zipper Purse

Have you seen the purses and tote bags– usually in airport gift shops– woven out of seat belts? That was the inspiration for this purse woven out of zippers. Create this cute little purse by weaving Coats all-purpose zippers together.  Use the colors show or select your own color combination.

How to Repair Your Hair with Olive Oil

After a long winter’s exposure to dry indoor heat, our hair needs some nourishing relief! Here’s the simple solution. This easy hair treatment will result in healthier, more manageable hair and a really clean, invigorated scalp. Olive oil nourishes, conditions, and improves the strength and elasticity of your hair, while the couldn’t-be-easier process is both stress-reducing and health-promoting.

DIY Photo Slides Curtain

This is a cool idea on how to turn old boxes full of photo slides into a curtain so you can enjoy them from time to time.Plus it will cast some way cool light patterns when the sun hits it just right.

Homemade Natural Makeup Recipe

Did you know homemade makeup ?! I guess I always figured their must be some top secret patent on makeup products and super special formulas that only big corporations could produce… but, looks like I was wrong.

36 Unique Products For The Cat Lover In Your Life

Cats have a mind of their own and love to sleep wherever they want and rule the roost. A lot of us are cat lovers or at least know somebody who is a cat lover. There are some wonderful products that you might not know about (such as the kitty treat shooter or the hanging walkway!)…

The Most Powerful Natural Antioxidant Smoothie That Beats Any Cleanse

Turmeric’s health benefits are numerous. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, strong antioxidant, fights depression, natural heart healer, brain function and memory improver. Also, studies have shown that one of the compounds in turmeric also may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

10 Awesome Shoe Organizers

Shoes can get numerous and messy when not organized properly. Women love shoes and because of changing fashion trends, some shoes may go out of style thus, the need to but new ones. When it comes to the family, shoes can accumulate over time and you may realize the need to organize them. Sometimes, we simply store them under the bed but dust can settle on them and we do not want to clean our shoes every time we need to wear them. A great way to store your shoes is to place them on shoe racks.

Beautiful Decorative Shoe Rack

10 Creative Toy Storage Boxes For Neat Kid’s Room

Without an appropriate storage box the kid’s room can turn into a war field with toys, and most often you are the one who suffers, stepping on some toy. Therefore, to avoid the big pile of messy toys, you have to find a way to store them in appropriate and creative way. Usually toy storage boxes come in an ordinary and dull form. Anyway, there is always an alternative, and as always,we aspire to inspire you to push the limits of ordinary and find great toy storage box ideas.

Big Blue Lego Toy Box

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10 Unique and Creative Coffee Mugs

Most people have become used to drinking coffee to jump start their day. It sure is great to have your coffee boost in the morning. You can just grab a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop and you are ready to face the day. However, nothing beats a warm cup of coffee that you made by yourself and put in your own favorite mug. To make things even more interesting, grab a mug that will contribute wonders to your breakfast or add some interest to your coffee break. We are talking about mugs that have really unique and interesting designs.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

15 Toilet Paper Holders for the Bathroom

In interior design, all things have to go together to complete the look of a room. If there’s one element that is missing or one item in a room that doesn’t seem fit, it can destroy the overall look of it. Nowadays, there are various styles of tissue paper holders for the bathroom so that you can match even a tissue paper holder with the theme of your bathroom. Here are some nice designs of Toilet Paper Holder that you can choose from.

Antique English Toilet Paper Holder

10 Awesome Coat Racks and Stands for the Entryway

Naturally, as soon as we enter our home, especially in the colder days, when we are wearing layers of clothes, the first thing that comes to our mind is where to leave our coat, bag or umbrella. Thus, a spot, where we can dispose all that stuff right there in the entryway would be very convenient and practical to have. Of course , the most important thing when choosing a coat rack or stand that fits your hallway style is the practicality and efficiency, but why not combine that with a cool design?

Cool Vintage Coat Stand

Recycling plastic bottles: Make your garden tools

Empty plastic bottle can be cut and altered to make your garden tools.

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80 Of The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets For Food Lovers

If you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen” - these creative kitchen gifts are perfect for those of us who slave away in these hottest of hells to make our friends and loved ones the tastiest of food. When the going gets tough, these tools will bring a smile to the toughest cook's face.

#1 Nessie Soup Ladle

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Old Suitcase Pet Bed

I have a fun DIY pet bed you can make from an old suitcase.I just happened to find a bright red vintage samsonite suitcase, so I just had to try one of my own. I would have loved to have bought some retro legs for the bottom of the bed, but did not want to spend a lot without knowing whether it would actually be used by the little fuzzies, so I used wooden ball feet I bought at the craft store and painted aqua. I love how easy it was to make, and if you are a savvy shopper, economical too!

Easy DIY Flip-Flop Earrings

If you have five minutes and a couple dollars, you too can make these adorable flip-flop earrings! This project is a super easy one and would be a great project for kids.

5 Unusual & Modern Ways to Display Your Clothes at Home

It's not just about displaying clothing around your house or finding a way to stylishly store your favorite fashion if you don't have a closet. Even if you find yourself with plenty of hidden away storage for your clothes, you might still consider displaying some items — being visible and easily accessible might make getting ready in the morning a little easier! So for storage, display or a way to "lay" out your outfits for the next day, consider one of these ideas (some DIY-able!)

Turn old ladders into a stylish shelf and hanging area for clothes.

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24 Brilliant DIY Ways of Reusing Old Wine Barrels

We all know that giving old stuff a new life instead of throwing them away is valuable and ecological. There are pretty much different ways that people used old wine barrels to decorate their homes and outdoors. For example, they can be converted to dog houses, planters, chairs, tables, sinks and so on. Today we have gathered a bunch of such ideas to help you find a proper inspiration.

DIY Upcycled Vintage Slide Lampshade

One of my most treasured possessions is a large lot of slides that my grandfather had from when my mom and aunt were growing up. There are hundreds of slides, and some really fantastic pictures. We scanned a good most of them in a few years ago. Recently my mom and I went through them all again. We pulled out the ones we wanted to keep and made a pile of outtakes and landscapes that were not special, that my mom gave me to craft with. I have wanted to make a slide lampshade for a looong time now, and I was super excited to finally get the opportunity.

Driftwood Wall Hanger

It’s the perfect place to hang your coats, scarves, purses, and just about anything else. Plus, it gives your apartment a rustic feel that makes any place feel a little more like home. I was a little intimidated that we would be working with wood, but trust me, this DIY is super easy!

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Never, ever, ever will we have a cat declawed. Cats have claws and if we have cats we have to deal with that fact. If you don’t have cats, you may envision homes with wrecked furniture and scratched up rugs, but that isn’t the case. You can train cats to use a scratching post and you can trim their nails.

5 Minute Sliding Knot Bracelets

We are bringing you a very simple sliding knot bracelet project.  This bracelet takes all of 5 minutes to complete and it’s so easy that you will want to make a bunch of them!

DIY Refrigerator Scrabble Game

We used to love playing Scrabble, but with everyone’s busy schedules we haven’t played board games as a family in quite some time. So I decided it would be fun to create an ongoing game on the refrigerator where everyone can play no matter when they are home! Here’s how to make and play your very own Refrigerator Scrabble Game!

Comic Craft: Decoupage Frame

Lately I’ve fallen in love with creating comic crafts and superhero crafts. I’ll admit, I was never really into comic books or superheroes until the DC Comic movies started appearing several years ago. Sure, when I was a kid I watched the heck out of the Batman TV series starring Adam West, but that was all I really knew. Here lately though, I’ve been learning more and more about the in depth characters and stories in the comics.

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17 Creative Ways To Rejuvenate Old Jeans

Jeans have been around for a long time, and most of us own a pair (if not a few!). Most of you have some old jeans kicking around that perhaps were your favorite at one point but now they may be too old or out-dated.

50 Shades of Grey … Rooms!

With all the talk about 50 Shades this week (good, bad, and plain old crazy), we thought it only completely appropriate and somewhat predictable to share 50 Shades of Grey… Rooms with you!  Because no matter how you feel about the books and movie, I’ve been in love with more than 50 shades of grey for about the last decade.  So no haters allowed to this party… or we might just have to say “Laters Baby” to ya.

DIY Wire & Bead Crown

The hottest wedding trend of the moment? Floral crowns, if you ask me. With bride after bride hopping on the boho bandwagon, we couldn’t resist sharing this DIY wire and bead crown for a like-minded look with a floral-less twist. You can craft your own in just a few easy steps .

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DIY Valentine’s Night Movie Basket

Tell your honey you’ve got Valentine’s Day covered.Then put together this easy peasy DIY date night gift basket. You can do it last minute, and you can do it cheap. And I promise it’ll be way more romantic than yelling at each other in a crowded restaurant.This DIY gift basket has everything you need for a cozy Valentine’s Day movie night.

Last Minute DIY Valentine for Him

Raise your hand if you’re scrambling to get ready for Valentine’s Day !! Here is the FASTEST and EASIEST Valentine for Him you ever did see! It will take you all of, umm, 30 seconds max! This is one of those DIY valentines for Him that you can squeeze into any busy schedule!