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DIY Vintage Ruler Coat Rack

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Finding new vintage rulers is like hitting the jackpot.That turquoise one...have mercy!

So lets do this!

You will need a few rulers (new or old) and one piece of pine.

Cut your pine or old plank into size needed.

I then kinda eyeballed my rulers and cut them to fit.

Don't worry if you can't find vintage because a little stain can fix that right up!

Make sure to add stain to the edge of your rulers.

Liquid nails AKA my best friend!

I just used a squiggle...

After your rulers are dry you can then start attaching your hardware.

I found the hooks at Lowes on the clearance.

This yummy porcelain knob came from Hobby Lobby.

It's that easy ya'll!

Just add a sawtooth hanger on the back and you are ready!

Rule #1 ..

There is no wrong way to make a coat rack.

Rule #2..

Think outside of the box for your hangers.

I'm going to display my collection of vintage brushes on this one.

via  susieharrisblog

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