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DIY Pallet Table

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If you are familiar with Pinterest you have no doubt seen the countless pallet furniture projects. This tutorial show you how to make a Pallet Table.

Tools Needed:
  • 1 x Square Pallet 100 x 100cm
  • 1 x Pallet 120 x 100cm
  • 4 meters of timber 2 x 2
  • 100 x 100cm Tempered (safety) glass
  • 1 Crowbar
  • 1 Wood Saw
  • 76 x Wood Screws – 5 x 60mm
  • Drill
  • Claw hammer
  • Sanding Paper / Belt Sander
  • Wood Paint


Take 120 x 100cm pallet apart using the crowbar and use a claw hammer to remove all of the nails

You will need to cut the length of the slats to size: 8 x Legs: 70 x 660mm

You will need to cut the timber to the following dimension
  • 4 x Table Frame: 70 x 680mm
  • 8 x Braces: 320mm at a 45 degree angle (as shown below)


Step 1 – Piece the main table frame together as shown in this picture.

Step 2 – Make the legs by joining 2 pallet slats together.

Step 3 – Attach the end of legs to frame as shown.

Step 4 – Use the braces to add reinforcement to the table legs

Step 5 – Screw legs and frame onto the Pallet, then turn upright.

Step 6 – Decorate your table. We painted it white then added a piece of safety glass.

via bridgman

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