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18 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Wine Barrels

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The last thing you should do with them is throw them away! You just need a little imagination, and a little effort and you could turn them into something really amazing. Don’t worry if imagination is not your strong side. That’s why we are here! Take a look at some of the ideas. They might get you thinking!

Make a dining room hanging light

A perfect use of a wine barrels binding

Wine chairs and a beer fridge-table

Better than any one you can buy in-store

Wine barrel sided bar

Well you already know it can hold plenty of liquid

A bright idea

Comfortable outdoor seating

Perfect for your favorite animal

Comfortable lounge seating

Perfect for all your bathroom storage needs

Donkey Kong throws barrels

Perfect height for your pooch

A nice rustic table

Put a few holes in, makes the perfect decoration

Will make for some hollow sounds

For conserving rain water

A well thought out fountain

via  creativitybin

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