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DIY Ideas To Reuse Old Keys

The recycling of different items is not only fun, but also saves money and equips you with unique decorations that will be a real eye-catcher in your home. Today we would like to present you some ideas on how you can reuse old keys and turn them into an attractive home decoration. The ornate keys convey a nostalgic and romantic feeling. As it turned out, they can also serve both practical and decorative purpose.

32 Creative and Fun DIY Back to School Ideas

Are you ready for your first day at school?The start of fall invariably brings a wave of excitement to the air. The sound of school buses, the morning rush to get lunches packed and the overall hustle and bustle of a new school year is definitely refreshing and invigorating. So, we have put together some creative, but fun ‘back to school’ ideas that can make this school year easier and more exciting for all.

1. Innovative Pencil Holder

DIY Phone Lamp

Old rotary phones look really cool, but we don’t see too many people using them. That’s why we made this sweet phone lamp. It turns that old retro phone into something useful! Find out how to make your own rotary phone lamp.

Stunning Succulent Collections That Will Make You Want Them

Succulents are a favorite for everyone. Why? Because of their low care requirements, they are the perfect choice for busy people. You don’t have to take much care of them, as they can thrive in any conditions. Also, they have the ability to propagate so quickly and easily. In a short time, you can end up having dozens of them. On the other hand, they look too cute and are so easy to be styled. Are you looking for ideas for your plants? Take a look at these stunning succulent collections and get your inspiration!

How to remove pet hair from the carpet: 7 tips

Pets have this amazing way of making our homes cozy and warm. Well, what would we do without those snuggles? However, cleaning up the messy hairs that they often shed off onto carpets and upholstery has always been one of the detriments of owning a pet. Apparently, with the right tips for pet hair removal from carpets, you sure will experience all the joys of owning your furry friend without worrying about a home full of pet messes and odor. If you have been wondering how best to easily get rid of stubborn pet hairs from your carpets, then these 7 important tips are for you.

15 Beautiful Ways to Add Some Green Indoor

Do you want to use plants to add some flair to your indoor space? You have come to the right place. Check out below for some ideas on building an indoor garden and styling your planters.

Used Plastic Bottles

Have some old plastic bottles that you no longer use? Cut them out and turn them into hanging planters.

5 Ways To Clean Your Flat Screen TV

Remember, not that long ago, when people had big, bulky glass-tube televisions? They might have been gigantic, but at least a little glass cleaner was all you needed to have it sparkling. Many of us today have upgraded to the more modern flat screen TV, and although they are sleek, have great picture quality, and save space – they’re a bit of a pain to clean. One wrong move and it’s ruined! Here are 5 ways to clean your flat screen television without causing any damage. Most of the time, all you’ll need to do is wipe the screen down with a microfiber cloth, but if you need more heavy-duty cleaning, these tips are your new best friend.

1. Vinegar

What can’t vinegar do? It pretty much has a million uses and is a wonderful, natural cleaner. To clean your flat screen, first, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth, then mix a solution of equal parts distilled water and vinegar. Dip the cloth in the mixture and wring out as much liquid as you can, wipe the cloth against the screen very gently, then wipe again with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

17 Amazing String Decorations You Can Try

You will not need to spend a lot to complete this decoration. This is an easy project you can try if you have the available time. We have gathered some of the best example for you to try.

This is a skull string art. This is an art you can do during the Halloween season. You can even try after Halloween.

How To Decorate With Black And White Stripes

Every space needs to have an outstanding detail that will bring visual interest. If you want to do it in a powerful way that is easy for you at the same time, you will never go wrong if you try stripes. There is something special about the way they contribute to the space. The are simple, but eye-catchy. Not too much detail, but elegant. Read on and find out how to Decorate With Black And White Stripes!

Statement piece

If you are looking for a way to feature a statement in the living room, then you can certainly do it with a striped sofa.  The simple colors will fit in any interior, while bringing visual interest in a subtle way.

10 Most Effective Ways to Make Your Living Room Stand Out

Decorating the living room can be a difficult task when you have a tight budget. Not to mention that the size of the living room is usually the most problematic aspect of the decoration process. It is the common space of the whole family, where you use to spend our evenings and you want to make it as welcoming as possible.  Regardless of the design you want to go for, one thing is sure: big or small size, you do not want to overload the living room with much furniture or ornaments.Luckily, interior designers continue creating the simplest decor ideas in order to satisfy every room size, wish, taste, and budget. So let’s have a look at 10 Most Effective Ways to Make Your Living Rooms Stand Out with glamour on a low cost.

17 Things You Should Wash with Your Dishwasher

Although cleaning using the dishwasher is a great help, there are few guidelines that your should not forget. Make sure that delicate items such as plastic are kept on the top rack. If you are washing anything made of metal, make sure it is dried properly to prevent rust. If you are using it for your body, it best to skip with the detergent soap.

Potatoes are one food you can place in your dish washer. Imagine how easy your cooking would be if they are that easy to clean. This can help you a lot during parties.

Built-in Benches in Almost Anywhere of A Home

Built in benches usually are wonderful custom designs. They can be placed almost anywhere of your home – from a hallway wall to a backyard deck or even under the window. They are also great examples of taking advantage of limited space. Built-in benches not only provide extra seating area, they can be used as storage space. If you are planing to build one, take a look below designs.

1. Bench under low window to keep cabinets going.

21 Clever Ideas to Adorn Garden and Yard with Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots are not only for flowers’ home, they are also can be used to decorate your garden and yard with some creativity. If you happen to have some terracotta pots that are lying around your house, don’t waste them anymore. Have a look at the cool ideas to adorn your home with clay pots below.

1. Construct a Vertical Clay Pot Garden

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Ants That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Warm weather means lots of outdoor time, barbecues with family and friends, gloriously long hours of daylight and… ant invasions. Ants sure know how to ruin a picnic, and they’re pretty good at sneaking into your kitchen (gross). If you have ants at home, try these 7 inexpensive but effective ways to get rid of them.

1. Wash Your Soda Cans
Before you toss your soda cans into the recycling bin, give them a quick rinse to remove any remaining sugary soda that ants will feast on. The same goes for other food containers that will be in or near your house until trash day—syrup bottles, juice boxes, etc.

10 Unknown Uses for Nivea Cream

Nivea in the classic blue tins is a staple in many men's and women's bathroom cabinet inventory. Lots of people carry one in their handbag as well. But Nivea cream isn't just good for a quick refresher on your hands. You can use it in lots of other ways too.