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7 Health Problems That Cause Hair Loss

Every woman is doing her best to prevent hair loss and have strong and healthy hair. Women are either going for expensive saloon procedures or natural treatments, hair beauty is essential to each and every one. Hair loss is rather frequent among women and unfortunately can be caused by various factors such as vitamin deficiency or even more serious health issue.The good news is the fact that in spite of any cause, the hair loss process can be reversed and the cause can be treated.

23 Cozy Scandivanian Bedroom Inspirations

Scandinavian bedrooms are known for their simplicity, free space, soft-light colors, and hardwood flooring that all together with natural lighting creates a relaxing and welcoming environment. They exude a sense of cleanliness and serenity with favorable and occasionally a romantic appeal. The mattress ought to be large yet low to the floor so it might produce a feeling of freedom and also a room to breathe. Wooden nightstands and dressers are very important and a rocking chair on a side is not uncommon, but the secret is not to go overboard and make a room cluttered, especially once you add your finishing touches throughout the decorations. Apart from white, Bedroom walls are often painted with earthy colors such as variations of green, gray, and brown and also a softer blue. Sometimes brightly colored sheets and pillows can provide a hint of passion for a more intimate approach. For decorations, art in type of black and white photography or example are normal suspects and as a spirit lifter vegetation measures in.

10 Smart Repurpose Ideas for Baby Wipe Containers

Have a baby or not, everybody requires a box of baby wipe in the home for various functions and a lot of empty boxes, also. Its container is too pretty to throw away, do not you think? All you will need is a few brilliant ideas to provide a new new life . You might even turn wash containers into lively toys to your small kids. It is a smart idea to set some legos in this container and occupied your child with it during your automobile rides. Store your card matches, recipe cards, letters and batteries. Want more inspirational ideas?

How to Customize Flip Flops With Bias Tape

Here's an idea for the next time you blow out your flip flop in Margaritaville. Don't throw it away. Instead, use some colorful bias tape to fix it. Gather up your cheap or broken flip flops and let's get started!

(image: Beth Huntington) 

11 Fragrances That Kill Mosquitoes on the Spot

In the summer, we all want to spend more time out in the fresh air, take walks in the park, and enjoy the greenery and flowers. But mosquitoes can ruin even the most wonderful vacations.

1. Vanilla powder

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Mix vanilla powder with baby lotion in the ratio of 1 to 10 and apply it to all the open parts of your body. You can also dissolve vanillin in water and then spray the mixture on the exposed areas of your skin and your clothes.

2. Essential oils of anise, clove, basil, and eucalyptus

The essential oils of anise, clove, basil, and eucalyptus can scare mosquitoes away if you apply the diluted oils on the exposed areas of your skin (5-10 drops per glass of water) or spray them onto a source of heat, like a fireplace, an aroma lamp, or a heated pan. You can also dip a cotton ball into the oil and put it on the window sill.

3. Elderflower twigs

Put fresh elderflower twigs in your room. They will scare mosquitoes away just as easily as tomato leaves. But be careful, the strong smell of elderflower can interrupt your sleep, so it’s better to take the twigs out of your bedroom at night.

4. Clove

Put 5 g of cloves into a glass of water and boil them for 15 minutes. Mix 10 drops of this brew with 1 tbsp of any cologne and apply the concoction to the exposed areas of your body. Now you can stay in the open for at least 2 hours, and mosquitoes and gnats will stay away from you.

5. Juniper branches

If you decide to make a fire when sitting outside drop a few juniper branches into it.

6. Cedar oil

The smell of cedar oil scares away not only mosquitoes, but also flies and cockroaches.

7. Sage grass brew

Not a single insect will touch your face if you wash it with the brew of sage grass roots. You need to put a handful of chopped roots into 0.4 gallons of water, bring it to a boil, and let it steep for 20-30 minutes.

8. Pyrethrum

Pyrethrum daisy or Dalmatian chrysanthemum is an old natural remedy against mosquitoes. The dried flowers, stems, and leaves of this plant can be ground to a powder and will affect the nerve cells of insects. You can just put a few small bunches of pyrethrum around your apartment or house.

9. Wheatgrass brew

In old times, people used the brew of wheatgrass roots to scare away mosquitoes and other blood sucking insects. Put a handful of the chopped roots of wheatgrass into 0.4 gallons of water and boil them 3 times so that the brew becomes a light yellow color. Wash your face and hands with this brew, and not a single mosquito will come near you.

10. Basil leaves

You can use the chopped fresh leaves and flowers of basil, or bird cherry flowers. Put them in your room or rub them on the exposed areas of your body.

11. Cooking oil, shampoo, and vinegar

To make an effective repellent against mosquitoes and flies, you’ll need cheap cooking oil, shampoo, and 9% vinegar. Mix these ingredients in equal quantities and stir them thoroughly until you see white foam. You can spray this concoction on your body, or pour it into a container and leave it open.

The vinegar scares away insects, the shampoo hides the strong smell while the oil is the base of any cream. This repellent is safe for children and doesn’t have strong smell.


23 Easter Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Easter is also the perfect time to make crafts with your kids. Most schools will have a day off so you can celebrate. If not, Easter always falls on a weekend! This is why do-it-yourself Easter crafts and decorations are becoming more popular. If you don’t have any crafts in mind, don’t worry, we have you covered! Below are 23 great crafts here that will bring some Easter spirit to you and your family. Many of these crafts also require very little materials, and whatever you don’t have can be purchased at the local craft store.


How to Dye and Decorate Easter Eggs Naturally

If you understand how important it is to be eco-friendly and live green, you will sure like the idea for an eco-friendly Easter. You’ll see that even without a store-bought kit and artificial colors you can actually have beautiful dyed and decorated Easter eggs. Learn which household ingredients you can use to decorate Easter eggs naturally.

How to 'Dye" Easter Eggs With Silk Ties

There are just so many fun ways to dye and decorate Easter Eggs! When I grew up, it was either the little dye tablets or natural dyeing with onion skins. That’s all we ever did. Well, now the sky’s the limit. You can paint them, decoupage, wrap and crackle them. Turns out you can also print on them with silk ties.

How to Mend Jean Holes in 10 Cutest Ways

If you have kids, then you know that they will inevitably get tears in their clothes when they play.  Why not make those clothes cute again with some mending techniques that involve minimal items? Mending a hole in your pants doesn’t have to be ugly! There are so many fun ideas out there to patch a hole. Here are some properly mended pants as well as some super silly mending. From patches to pom poms, you can sew just about anything in, over or behind a tear to make it look fun and playful. Use this as a way to incorporate your child’s personality into their clothes. Ask them what they might like, and do the job together. Not only is this a way to recycle clothes, but it is a way to spend time together instead of being at a shopping mall.

19 Spectacular DIY Easter Wreath Ideas That You Can Make

Spring is here and with Easter around the corner, it is time to start with the preparations. Nothing looks better than a wreath on your front door. It is so warm and welcoming, and would definitely put a smile on anyone’s face.  Store-bought ones can be pretty pricey, but that should not stop you from owning one. Instead, go for the DIY version. You will have fun, and save some money as well. What can be better than that? There are so many simple and easy to make designs that look so spectacular.

1. The easiest and cheapest way to make a DIY Easter wreath is to start with a grapevine wreath.  These ones are affordable and will look beautiful. For an interesting look, you can cover it with moss using a hot glue gun. A large pastel bow on the top will be the perfect finish.

8 DIY Ideas To Reuse Your Old Computer

This post will prove you that you can make your computer that stop working yesterday, useful for a longer period of time. When a computer stop working, people are used to switch to a new one. That’s mean that there are million old computers that are considered as garbage. Wait… there are some creative minds that gave new dimensions to these useless and old boxes. Let’s check them out and see what we can create of our old computer.

Hamster cage 

Your new hamster doesn’t have a cage yet? You don’t have to waste money on a new one, when you can turn your old computer into a beautiful and spacious cage. The idea is brilliant and very quick and easy to make.

How to Transfer Photo Onto Candles

It’s such a fabulous way to transfer your memorable moment onto candles to make your own custom piece of decoration. You can transfer a photo or anything that you can print from a printer, onto tissue paper and then melt/transfer it to a candle. It’s easy to do and it turns out great! Made some amazing personalized candles with just simple steps you can transfer anything you like on to a candle. This acts as a perfect gift and also you can stand a chance to win these candles made by me and her. I included a video tutorial to guide you through so you can have fun with kids together. These will be great gifts for Father’s day, Mother’s Day and any holiday lighting.

How to DIY Festive Santa Boots Out of Plastic Bottle

It is always a great feeling when we are making the preparation for Christmas, especially if you can recycle something from trash into treasure to make something unique for the whole family. What an amazing idea to recycle plastic bottle into this festive decorative Santa boots! Make them as Christmas decorations or Change the fabric to make them as everyday desk organizer.

How to Make Halloween Concrete Mummies

It's no secret that we like to work with concrete! It's such a forgiving, creative material. I was doing a little concrete project Pinterest research and came across a concrete garden orb. I really liked the look, but I thought the idea could be adapted to make a creepy mummy decoration for Halloween. Also, I had a huge supply of soft, cotton cording/piping from a yard sale that I thought would be the perfect material to use.

20 Creative DIY Repurposed Globe Ideas

If you have old globe that is no more useful or you are just bored with the one you have, start with the creative process. There are awesome ideas that you can do it yourself and make something new for your home. You can make lamp shades from globe, just cut it in half and there you go. Make lamp shades for hanging lamp or for lamp table. It will look so chic and fun. Also you can make globe bowl to put dry flowers or other things in your home. Globes as a decor can be put in kids room where they can have great working atmosphere. We present you 20 Creative Diy Repurposed Globe Ideas that will inspire you.